Avoid These 5 Mistakes that Cause Acne Breakout
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Avoid These 5 Mistakes that Cause Acne Breakout 

May 19, 2022


Sudden Acne Breakout On Face Causes

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What is Acne Breakout?

5 Common Acne Mistakes to Avoid Acne Breakout

While acne breakout is the body’s natural reaction to phases like puberty, in many, it is their body’s response to various skin-related and cosmetic habits. In other words, it is the result of various acne mistakes they commit. Let’s look at five significant mistakes you must avoid to prevent acne breakout.

What is Acne Breakout?

At the outset, let’s look at what you mean by acne breakout. An acne breakout occurs when a hair follicle or pore gets clogged with sebum/oil, dead skin cells, and possibly bacteria. The pore contents further reach the skin’s surface to result in a blackhead, whitehead, or other acne form. Some reasons for acne breakout include dehydration, sleep deprivation, certain acne treatments, stress, etc.

5 Common Acne Mistakes to Avoid Acne Breakout

While some are pretty noticeable, a few are those you might have never thought of.

Acne Mistakes # 1 – Excessive Face Washing

The more frequently you wash your face, the fresher you feel! Wait. This is a myth with which many live. Washing your face excessively can remove essential oil from the facial skin, thus requiring the body to produce more oil, resulting in an increased number of pimples or zits on the face. So, don’t wash your face now and then. You may feel fresh for a few moments but confront acne over a while. So, restrict the number of face washes to only two during the day.

Acne Mistakes # 2 – Using Harsh Products

Often, people rub or scrub their face harshly to remove dirt and germs from the face. Accordingly, they use harsh skin products. But practically, that proves harmful. It is because your skin requires gentle handling. Hence, you must not use harsh scrubs or exfoliants. Furthermore, you must avoid alcohol-based products, as alcohol renders your skin dry, itchy, and tight. Additionally, you must avoid rubbing your skin with a towel while drying it. The key is to gently tap it to avoid the occurrence of acne.

Acne Mistakes # 3 – Avoiding the Use of Moisturizers

That’s another common mistake. Often, people with oily skin think that using moisturizers can further dampen their skin and aggravate acne. However, that’s not the reality. Oily skin also requires moisture and also, and it isn’t always true that oily skin remains well-hydrated all the time. In many cases, the situation is exactly the opposite. The sebaceous glands produce more oil to retain moisture if the skin loses it. This protective action can clog pores and intensify the acne breakout.

Acne Mistakes to Avoid Acne Breakout - Avoiding the Use of Moisturizers

Acne Mistakes # 4 – Not Cleaning Your Mobile Phone

Yes. You read it right! You hold your phone close to your cheeks while talking over it. The oil and sweat that the face produces sticks to the phone and is pushed back into your skin the next time it is held near the face. So, one way of preventing acne breakout is to clean the phone regularly, as per the phone manufacturer’s instructions. You may also use earbuds to avoid contact if you are comfortable with them.

Acne Mistakes # 5 – Not Applying Sunscreen

Not using sunscreen that helps protect skin from the sun’s UV rays can also impact acne breakout. Alongside, some people use sunscreen excessively. That can also result in acne breakout, as the sunscreen can clog the pores and disallow them from breathing, thus increasing the risk of acne. So, you must apply sunscreen appropriately and in the required quantities prescribed by the dermatologist to avoid acne.


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