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Skin Tags Results

Skin Tag Treatment Before and After

What are skin tags? Skin tags are tiny pieces of soft, hanging skin with a stalk or peduncle. These usually form in a place where the skin rubs on the skin or clothing. They are a common condition that occurs after midlife and affects men and women. Usually, skin tags occur on the armpits, eyelids, upper chest, groin, neck, or under the breasts.

Skin tags are benign tumors of the skin. Although not harmful or dangerous, people remove it for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes. At Clear Skin, we offer a range of skin tag treatment options to help people get rid of skin tags effectively and safely.

Here, you can look at skin tag removal results through various real-time before and after skin tag removal photos. These patients have undergone a comprehensive and clinically proven skin tag removal treatment to achieve the desired results. Their results serve as a testimony to our expertise and experience in skin tag removal treatment.

If you also are suffering from skin tags and want an effective and safe skin tag treatment, book an appointment with our dermatologists. We will diagnose your condition and prescribe an appropriate skin tag removal treatment specific to your case.

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