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Melsma Results

Melasma Treatment Before and After

Melasma is a skin condition in which brown or grey freckle-like spots appear on the skin. It occurs commonly during pregnancy and hence is also called a mask of pregnancy.

The first line of treatment for melasma is hydroquinone, which can be used in the form of creams or gels. Medical procedures like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peels, and laser treatment are some of the best melasma treatments.

Our melasma treatment results have been promising and our skin procedures have successfully treated melasma of several individuals. In our melasma treatment before and after pictures, you will find that the dark spots and patches caused by melasma are no longer visible and the skin tone has significantly improved. Look at our chemical peels for melasma before and after pictures. You will easily notice that our chemical peels treatment has worked well for many individuals who were earlier bothered by the blemishes on their skin. See our microneedling melasma before and after pictures and you will understand that our microneedling treatment has helped many people in getting rid of melasma and has enhanced the health and beauty of their skin. Laser therapy administered by our specialists has given healthy and blemish-free skin to many and this is evident from the laser for melasma before and after pictures you can see here.

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