The Pros and Cons of Collagen Skin Supplements: Are They Worth the Hype?
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The Pros and Cons of Collagen Skin Supplements: Are They Worth the Hype?

Jul 7, 2023

Pros and Cons of Collagen Skin Supplements Are they worth the hype?

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Types of Collagen Supplements

How Collagen Supplements Work?

Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Side Effects of Collagen Supplements

Collagen is an important constituent of bones, skin, muscles and other body parts, so taking collagen supplements can help maintain overall health, mainly the health of your skin. Collagen provides a structure to your skin and strengthens your bones. Animal sources like chicken skin, pork skin, beef and fish are high in collagen, but those who do not consume non-vegetarian food or those who wish to enhance their collagen intake, can take collagen supplements. They come in powder form or as capsules, that contain one or multiple types of collagen. Collagen supplements are mostly hydrolyzed, which means the collagen has been broken down so that it is easily absorbed in the body. Here we will look at the types of collagen supplements and how they work, the benefits and side effects of collagen supplements, and find out whether they are really worth the hype.

Types of Collagen Supplements

There are 28 different types of collagen found in our body but 5 are most commonly used in supplements. They are Type I, II, III, V and X. They come in 3 different forms, namely, hydrolyzed collagen, gelatin and undenatured type II collagen.

  • Type I is the most common collagen type found in the body and accounts for 90% of the body’s collagen stores. It is found in the dermis and has several benefits which is why it is a part of most collagen supplements.
  • Type II collagen is found in marine and chicken products. It is beneficial for the joints and cartilage.
  • Type III collagen is the second most common type of collagen found in our body. It is beneficial for the gut,muscles, blood vessels and uterus.
  • Type V collagen is important for the bones, muscles, liver and lungs and is naturally found in the eye.
  • Type X collagen is found in joint cartilage and it is instrumental in the formation of bones.

How Collagen Supplements Work?

Collagen supplements contain amino acids and may also contain nutrients that benefit skin and hair health. A collagen supplement can slow down the body’s breaking down of its own collagen. It can also boost the generation of hyaluronic acid, thus leading to a more hydrated skin. Since collagen in the body starts depleting with age, it is advisable to have collagen supplements after the age of 40. It is best to consult a dermatologist before deciding to take collagen supplements for the skin, for anti-aging, for bone and joint health, or any other reason. A dermatologist would be able to tell you about the best collagen supplements for you, based on your reason for taking these and your overall health.

Benefits of Collagen Supplements

  • The benefits of collagen supplements for skin include firmness, smoothness, plumpness and glow.
  • Collagen supplements help the delicate skin areas look brighter.
  • Wrinkles result from a thinner, drier and less elastic skin which occurs with advancing age as the body generates less collagen. Taking collagen supplements can reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Collagen supplements can help boost the generation of other proteins like elastin and fibrillin that give structure to your skin.
  • Taking collagen supplements can reduce joint pain and alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Collagen gives structure and strength to the bones. Thus, collagen supplements prevent the breakdown of bones.
  • Collagen when taken in the form of supplements helps in the synthesis of muscle proteins like creatine and enhances muscle growth.
  • Since collagen gives structure to the blood vessels, supplemental collagen is found to reduce the risk of heart conditions.
  • The other benefit of collagen supplements is that they boost nail strength and prevent brittleness of nails. Supplemental collagen can help the nails and hair grow longer.

Side Effects of Collagen Supplements

  • Some collagen supplements are prepared from food allergens like eggs, fish and shellfish. So, individuals allergic to these substances experience side effects of collagen supplements.
  • Minor side effects of collagen supplements also include diarrhoea and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
  • Supplemental collagen may lead to nausea and bloating.
  • Some collagen supplements may cause an unpleasant taste.
  • Heartburn is another side effect of collagen supplements.
  • Constipation is among the other side effects of supplemental collagen.
  • Collagen supplements can lead to kidney stones.
  • They can lead to hypercalcemia.
  • They may cause skin rashes.
  • Severe side effects of collagen supplements include anaphylaxis and liver abnormalities.

This was an overview of the working and types of collagen supplements and the benefits and side effects of these. Although supplemental collagen is mostly safe, it is best to consult a medical expert before using collagen supplements since they have certain possible side effects. To reap the maximum benefits of collagen supplements for the skin and to know which supplement would suit you best, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

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