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Home Remedies for Tan Removal

May 24, 2021

home remedies for tan removal

Everybody loves to have (and flaunt) healthy and glowing skin. It is an important part of our appearance. However, some of the skin areas are exposed most of the time to sunlight, pollution, and other harmful external factors.

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Our skin can be healthy or unhealthy owing to the quality of the care we give it. It is important for everybody, men and women alike, to know a little about skincare. We are here to discuss home remedies for tan removal but first let’s address a common question: what is skin tan?

What is Sunburn or Sun Tan?

Sunburn is nothing but an acute inflammation of the skin due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It starts off by reddening of the skin, seen usually after just 3-4 hours of exposure, and reaching a peak at 12-24 hours of exposure to sunlight.

Skin tan occurs due to exposure to UVA radiations, which penetrates to our lower layers of the epidermis. It further triggers the melanocytes to produce more melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin colour. More the melanin production in the body, the more the skin looks darker.


In severe degrees of sunburn, you are at a greater risk of dehydration and infections and may develop a headache, fever, chills, nausea, and fatigue. On the other hand, sun tan is just a darkening of the skin.

There are various ways to get rid of skin tanning. If the tan is normal then you can try home remedies for sun tan, which are very effective. However, if the tanning is severe and has turned into pigmentation, then you will require the help of a dermatologist. You might need Skin lightening treatment.


Natural Home Remedies for Tan Removal

When it comes to home remedies for tan removal from the face, hands, neck or shoulder, natural remedies are incredible. These home-based remedies will give you an even tone, and brighten your skin in a couple of days. Check out these natural remedies and use them next time you are on vacation:

1. Lemon and Honey – This combo is the most effective tan removal at home. Lemon juice has a bleaching effect and honey hydrates the skin. Applying lemon juice directly can harm your skin. Mix lemon juice with honey and apply it to the skin. Let it sit for 30 minutes and wash off. You can also add sugar if you want to gently scrub your skin with the mixture.

2. Tomato and Yogurt – This de-tan pack does wonders to your skin. The antioxidant property of tomato and the lactic acid present in the yogurt brightens your skin. Apply this de-tan face pack on your face or the tanned area. Let it sit for 20 to 30 mins and wash it off with cold water.

3. Coconut Milk – Apply organic coconut milk all over the face. Leave it on until it’s absorbed completely into the skin. You can apply 2-3 coats if you wish. Wash it off with cold water. If the skin appears to be too oily after the application of coconut milk, use a mild cleanser to remove the excess oil. Do not use soap or face wash.

4. Cucumber and MilkRemove tan from face easily with this tan removal pack. Cucumber is a cooling agent and is a rich source of Vitamin C which is extremely beneficial for tan removal. Milk, especially raw milk, has a moisturizing effect. Mix some cucumber juice with raw milk and apply it to your skin. You can repeat it twice daily for a quick result.

5. Aloe Vera – Any skincare routine is incomplete with Aloe Vera. It has immense beneficial properties. Extract the gel from freshly cut aloe vera leaf and apply a thick layer of the gel on your skin at night and wash it off in the morning for tan removal.

6. Papaya – Papaya contains an enzyme called Papain, which has exfoliating properties. Papaya also improves skin texture and makes it more even-toned. Mash the pulp of fully ripened papaya and apply it on your face, hands, and legs. It aids in getting rid of sun spots and pigmentation.

7. Yoghurt and Gram Flour – It is the most common ‘Ghar ka Nuskha‘ which everybody knows. Don’t be too lazy to use this paste to remove tan from hands and face. Mix yogurt and besan or gram flour and apply the mixture all over the body and leave it for 20 mins before taking a shower. Continue doing this for a fortnight and sun tan or pigmentation will completely fade.

Pro Tip: Whenever you apply a tan removal face pack, put sliced cucumber on your eyes. Lie down and relax. This has more benefits than applying a mask alone. It helps to hydrate your skin, remove fine lines, and lightens under-eye patches as well.

Best De-tan Pack for Face, Arms, Neck, & Feet

Sandalwood or Chandan is an effective agent when it comes to skincare. Sandalwood is gentle and has a cooling effect. It helps to remove tan and improves the texture and tone of the skin. Mix pure sandalwood powder with rose water to make a semi-thick paste. Apply this de-tan pack evenly all over the face and the affected area. Rinse and wash with cold water once dried.

In addition to these home remedies for tan removal, follow these 10 healthy tips to maintain good skin:

  • Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water every day.
  • Include vegetables in your diet.
  • Have at least one fruit a day.
  • Hydrate your skin.
  • Avoid having junk and oily foods.
  • Have a good amount of sleep.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Having omega 3, 6 fatty acids.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Use sunblock SPF 30 & PA +++

Some other useful tips for sun tan removal are – 

  • Use a sunblock of broad-spectrum SPF 30 cream. Apply 3 times a day, even if you are indoors.
  • Always apply sunscreen 20 mins before going out.
  • If you are going out in the hot sun, apply raw aloe vera gel after returning indoors to get rid of pigmentations & sunburn.
  • Apply ice packs on the sunburn area immediately, as it can reduce the redness and prevent permanent damage to the skin.

In case, the tan is severe and home remedies are not working particularly for your skin type, then it is recommended to visit a dermatologist. After all, you don’t want to delay things and make things worse. There are numerous tan removal treatments available to remove skin tanning.

  • Laser treatments: Co2 and Q switch lasers which penetrate and absorb the melanin pigment, which helps to give skin lightening. This treatment should be opted for under a dermatologist’s supervision only depending on your skin condition.
  • Chemical peeling: In this treatment, a dermatologist uses different % of glycolic acid peels depending on your skin. Glycolic acid peels play a vital role in removing skin tanning.
  • Microdermabrasion: This is a slightly invasive treatment, in which a very tiny crystal is sprinkled on the skin, which helps to remove superficial layers of the skin tan. This doesn’t give good results to deep pigmentation.


It is strictly advisable to undergo these treatments only after doctor consultation. These treatments will help you get good results, along with the application of sunscreen lotion 3 times a day. This helps to maintain your skin and protect it from getting tanned. Proper follow-up with your dermatologist and doing regular sessions can definitely help you to give you clear, healthy, and glowing skin.

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Dr Dhanraj Chavan

About the Author: Dr Dhanraj Chavan

Dr. Dhanraj Chavan is a globally trained, young, and dynamic dermatologist. He is a Consultant Dermatologist and Varicose Vein Specialist at Clear Skin, VeinMD, and HairMD.

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