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April 21, 2018

How long does it take for melasma to fade?

As you have mentioned you have melasma & under eye dark circle problem. Melasma can occur because of many different reasons. If anybody in your family has melasma, then your more prone to get it, a lot of sun exposure without protection is also the important factor for getting melasma, it can be hormonal also. The exact etiology of melasma is not known, but as per the recent studies various treatments are being used in order to reduce melasma & they are showing results. This includes chemical peels, laser treatments, oral & topical tranexamic acid treatments etc. These treatments have shown some results in some patients depending upon the level of pigmentation, whether it is epidermal [superficial level] or Dermal [deep Level]. 

The results for melasma are not promising. If we are treating 100 patients for melasma, out of the 20% patient gets very good results, with a clearance of pigmentation, 60 % patients get better results in form of some reduction in pigmentation. But remaining 20% patients don’t improve at all with treatment or sometimes pigmentation may increase in spite of taking treatment. In order to judge your level of improvement, we need to at least undergo 5 to 6 sessions of treatment, they will come to know about whether you are a right candidate for melasma treatment or not. As we can see your photographs in our system there is a mild improvement in pigmentation, especially on the nose. Treatment for melasma is long-term & needs maintenance to maintain the results. So, have some patience. I am sure, Our team of doctors can guide you best as per your expectations.

You have consulted us on 1st Feb 2018 that time we have done electroporation treatment, we have asked you to come for follow up on 15th Feb ,but you missed your visit & you came on 2nd March, that time we did chemical peel & asked you to visit on 16th March, but unfortunately you still have not visited. In span on of 1 month, you have got 25 % improvement, which is a really good sign.

The mainstay of treatment is regularity in treatments, proper follow-up & mainly photoprotection & frequent use of sunscreen.

Again about under eye dark circles, you can get some results as it is having different causative factors behind getting dark circles. You need to follow the complete treatment protocol with various oral & topical medications, Lasers & light therapies also as under eye pigmentation is deeply seated, only creams may not work. For under eye dark circles also, the results after treatment may vary from patient to patient. If we find some improvement after 5 to 6 treatments then only will continue the treatment.

So don’t worry, have patience, clear skin is fully equipped with all till research advanced, gold standard treatment modalities under one roof. So whatever best we can do will definitely offer you.

If you keep on time follow up, use medicines properly & take care of your skin as directed, there is a chance of getting better results more than 25 % in melasma & under eye dark circles, which are thought to be difficult to treat conditions.

Answered By

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

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