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Prabhat Shetty

Prabhat Shetty

November 3, 2018

How to remove dark circles under eyes permanently?

Our eyes are the foremost part of our face. We get introduced to people by our eyes, it is the only source of contact when you meet a person. But one may not feel good after seeing a dark circle beneath their own lower eyelid. Dark circles can affect anyone both male and female and as such, there is no specific age of it. As this under eye dark circles can affect them cosmetically, therefore many people have this query, “How to remove dark circles under eyes permanently?” So in this, I will be telling you how to remove dark circles under eyes permanently.

How to remove dark circles permanently?

What causes dark circles?

Before knowing how to remove dark circles, most importantly I would like to inform you why do we get dark circles.

There are many causes of under eye dark circles and as I told you under eye dark circles can affect anyone, at any age.

  • Nutritional Deficiency

Lack of nutrition in the body or not having a proper diet can cause you Under Eye Dark Circle. You should eat a balanced diet and food rich in potassium and sodium. Get your diet right and avoid getting Dark Circles.

  • Less Sleep

This is one of the most common conditions or causes of Under Eye Dark Circle. Lack of sleep causes venous congestion and then the fluid gets built up which gets filled up in superficial blood vessels. 

  • Alcohol 

Due to alcohol in the body, Under Eye Dark Circle can be caused. As alcohol can cause dehydration in the body.

  • Aging

Loss of fatty tissue and thinning of the skin around the eyes are part of the aging process. The tear trough is hollow which is present under the eyes, which can cause dark circles, and therefore it can be related to aging.

  • Genetic predisposition (periorbital hyperpigmentation)

Researchers have found that if someone has dark circles under their eyes, these might also appear in some other family members, e.g. your daughter or son. 

  • Occupation

If your occupation asks you to work at night or to work directly below the sun, then it might lead to an under eye dark circle. 

  • Stress

Stress can trigger under eye dark circles.

  • Fatigue

 Poor sleeping habits- Lack of sleep or Oversleeping, extreme fatigue can cause dark circles to form under your eyes. Sleep deprivation causes fluid to build underneath your eyes, causing them to appear puffy under eyes, known as puffy under eyelids.

  • Eye strain

Staring at your television, mobile, or computer screen can cause significant strain on your eyes. Therefore, this strain can cause blood vessels to enlarge around your eyes. Hence resulting in darkening the surrounding tissue of your eyes.

  • The anatomical position of an eye

If you are born with hollow eye projection, then you will have an under eye circle, which can be treated with autologous fat filler or fillers. So that this treatment will correct the anatomical position of your eye. Those who are born with a hollow projection of the eye will see a tear trough or nasojugal groove, this will give a shadow effect and hence it will make the under eye dark circle more visible.

  • Fat tissue around the eyes

 When the fat tissue around the eyes is reduced, then due to this hollowness, you will notice an under eye dark circle.

  • Overexposure to sunlight

Hyperpigmentation produces an excess of melanin, the pigment that provides your skin with color.

  • Friction around eyes

 Individuals who have a habit of rubbing their eyes or allergy around the eyes. They usually get itchy feelings around the surrounding skin of their eyes. Therefore they start rubbing due to an urge of rubbing. These rubbing habits will cause inflammation, swelling and the blood vessel around the skin may break. And will lead to an under eye dark circle.

  • Dehydration

When your body does not receive the proper amount of water, the skin beneath your eyes begins to look dull and your eyes look sunken. This is due to its close proximity to the underlying bone.

  • Allergy

 Allergic reactions and eye dryness can trigger dark circles. your body releases histamines as a response to harmful bacteria. Histamine causes your blood vessels to dilate and become more visible beneath your skin.

  • Anemia

 Anemia is most commonly seen in females, it is due to iron deficiency

  • Other causes of under-eye dark circle

Smoking, Thyroid conditions and Dermatitis


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What are related Symptoms & Signs

Under eye dark circles seen under the lower eyelids, which are common in both men and women. This under eye dark circles may be often accompanied by bags. And this bag may give you an older appearance than you are. And it is a bit difficult to get rid of dark circles completely, so you need to analyze the exact cause of your under eye dark circle and get the treatment done accordingly. 


Under eye dark circles seen in?

Under eye dark circle commonly seen in elderly and genetic predisposition (periorbital hyperpigmentation)


How to get rid of dark circles? 

Whoever is suffering from under eye dark circles, they have a common query, in their mind “can dark circles be removed”. There are multiple treatments for dark circles available. In this blog, I will mention some home remedies and medical treatment available for black under eyes. 


How to remove dark circles permanently at home?

Home remedies for dark circles are effective for some people in the initial phase of dark circles. Therefore If the Under Eye Dark Circle problems are not so serious then you can try some home remedies like –

  • Milk

 With the help of cotton, apply chilled milk around your eyes and continue it until 20 minutes. It will help you to keep your eyes to retain the water level and help to energize them.

  • Lemon

Take a cotton pad and dip it into lemon juice and apply it around your eyes. Lemon contains vitamin C which helps to cleanse yours under eye dark circles.

  • Almond oil or coconut oil

Do gentle massage around the eyes at night before going to bed and leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. Almonds contain Vitamin E which helps to keep your eyes soft.

  • Potato/ Cucumber

Make slices of raw potato/ cucumber and keep in the refrigerator and cool it. Then put them on your eyes for 15 – 20 minutes. It will keep you fresh and reduce inflammation of eyes. Or you can make potato juice and keep it in an ice tray and you can apply over your eyes, but make sure you roll that potato ice cube with some napkin.

  • Cold tea bags

You can use green tea bags or caffeine bags, soak it in water and keep it in the refrigerator and next morning apply over your eyes for 5 min to lighten dark circles.

Above I have mentioned, how to remove dark circles naturally at home. But if your problem is severe then you should visit an expert in this profession and take guidance and treatment from them.

Your dermatologist may suggest treatments like Chemical peels, Laser treatments like Q-switch, etc. and some oral and topical medications. If you follow the medications and treatments of the doctors then you can get the best possible results. Only your professional doctor can provide you with the best possible results. So below I will be mentioning an effective medical treatment to treat yours under eye dark circles.


How to remove dark circles under eyes permanently?

To treat dark circles under eyes there are many treatments available. But I would like to advise you to start with medical treatments for dark circles if home remedies don’t work for you. And below I will be explaining to you some of the effective treatments for under eye dark circles.

Treatments for dark circles

1) Chemical peel

The chemical peel acts on the upper layer of the skin to cause exfoliation. Hence it increases the cell turnover rate to reduce pigmentation and assist in the formation of new skin. You can use many peels to remove dark circles under the eyes such as Lactic acid.

2) Microdermabrasion (MDA)

Microdermabrasion also known as skin polishing treatment. In this, we use a rough-tip probe (diamond tip) along with a vacuum to lightly exfoliate the upper layer of the skin giving a smoother appearance

3) Electroporation

Electroporation is the treatment that is used to increase the penetration of a drug/serum or even moisturizer applied over the skin bypassing a slight current.

4) Pack

After application of pack it gives a radiance to the skin, skin polishing and will help to decrease pigmentation

5) Fillers for under eye dark circle

Fillers (hyaluronic acid-based)will plump up the sunken under eye & its result may last for a year or one and a half years. It can be used to treat eye bags, by raising the skin that counteracts the sagginess. This filler treatment will elevate the surrounding skin up to the level of the eye bag so that texture will be smooth & uniform. Therefore fillers are used to volumize under the eye.

6) Autologous fat transfer or under eye fat grafting

Under eye fat transfer is a procedure in which, individual’s own fat cells are used to fill in the hollow portion of your eye. In this procedure fat cells are extracted from the body parts, where you have excess viable fats, such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks. 


Here are some effective laser treatment for dark circles

1) Q switch Nd:Yag laser

Q switch Nd: Yag laser is a laser that is capable of targeting the melanin present within the skin. It acts by breaking the melanin into smaller pieces, facilitating its easy removal by the cells immune system. Hence reduces dark circles gradually.

2) Co2 laser

Under very low parameters, the uppermost layer of the skin is slightly ablated (burnt) to increase the skin turnover rate- helps in pigment breakdown It also creates small channels or tunnels on the skin through which penetration of any serums applied later is increased

3) Endymed & i fine

It stimulates collagen regeneration. This helps to increase skin elasticity and provide greater strength and structure to skin, resulting in firmer skin overall.

4) RF patch

In this treatment, you will see micro-crusting. Resulting in renewed new skin cells & resurfacing takes place, by inducing the collagen & elasticity formation.


How to prevent dark circles

  • Apply sunscreen daily 2–3 times a day. In a gap of 2 to 3 hours. Sunscreen should be applied 15–20 min before exposure to sun rays. With broad-spectrum sunscreen with the SPF of 30 or SPF 50. Don’t forget to apply over your eyes with fingertips.
  • Wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses when you go out so that you can avoid sun exposure. Try to stand under the shade whenever it is possible.
  • Try to avoid sun-exposure on-peak hours from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Protect your skin from pollution & environmental factors.
  • Avoid frequent friction to your eyes.


Everyone wishes to have a youthful-looking skin over the face and around the eyes. But because of the aging process and sometimes due to genetics, it is difficult to achieve the result. So to achieve clear skin and appropriate information regarding how to remove dark circles under eyes permanently, you can ask your questions here.

Answered By

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

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