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Does Masturbation cause Acne?

Jul 1, 2021

Acne and pimples are very common during our teenage years and it can hamper your confidence. The pain, scars are a nightmare to deal with and very often we’re left wondering what the reasons may be. Although there may be a range of underlying causes, there are also a lot of myths surrounding acne, especially since they are more prevalent during the teenage years. 

Well, one such myth is there that masturbation causes pimples or acne. At Clear Skin Clinic, especially young boys have asked us many times, ‘does masturbation cause acne?’ or ‘how to get rid of masturbation pimples?’. 

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To give this answer and to clear all kinds of doubts  around masturbation and acne, I will explain all you need to know about acne causes here.

Can Masturbation Cause Pimples or Acne?

No, masturbating does not cause pimples or acne. The body goes through a lot of hormonal changes during puberty and adolescence. It’s only a coincidence that teenagers often experience acne at the same time that they start exploring their sexuality and masturbate as a consequence.

Is there any correlation between sperm production and acne?

No, there is no correlation between sperm production and acne. Many believe that masturbating can cause acne breakout to your skin. But it is not at all true. It doesn’t cause acne and any breakouts and any acne breakouts are purely a coincidence. 

What really causes acne?

Acne is a more common skin condition which is seen mainly during adolescent age, Middle-aged females, sometimes in old age also. There is an oil gland located near hair follicles, called a sebaceous gland. This sebaceous gland is the main culprit in causing acne. 

When your skin is blocked with oil, bacteria, fungal infection, dead skin etc., the opening to a follicle is blocked and causes pimple. Along with this reason, if you have a hormonal imbalance you will have acne problems.

Let’s talk about the causes of acne in details to get a better clear picture:

  • It can be seen if your whiteheads and blackheads are not treated or removed at the required period, which can convert into acne as well.
  • Heredity: It’s seen that if your parents are suffering from severe acne then this may be passed on to the children.
  • Stress: If you are suffering from lots of work and house stress then there are chances to get acne on your back or forehead.
  • Cosmetics: If you are using cosmetics which does not suit your skin and you get allergy or acne, then try to avoid using it. 
  • Having lots of outside foods and having lots of oily foods can cause acne.
  • Medications: Few medications can be also the reason for acne for your skin. Medications like corticosteroids or testosterone medications can increase the androgen levels and which can worsen your acne problems.

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One thing that most teenagers and adults fear in the age group of 18 – 30 is the outburst of an unwanted zit or a pimple right on the face. They make you look bad and is the first sign of undue stress, improper diet, and clogged pores.

So, if you suffer from acne and you’re still debating whether or not to visit a dermatologist for treatment, it’s time to cast aside these thoughts and just go.

Some of the most valid reasons that encourage you to step out for early acne treatment include:

  • It prevents you from facing the pain of severe acne (nodules, in particular) and the development of scars
  • It keeps your positivity intact safeguarding you from emotional breakdowns and distress
  • Your skin remains clear of unwanted spots that might surface once the acne gets cleared
  • Acne in its initial stage (i.e., pimples) are much easier to treat compared to once they convert into mild or severe acne

Over the counter treatments for acne fail to address the root cause of it which is your skin health. Unless a proper diagnosis and tailored treatment plan are in place, your acne will keep recurring. We help you understand what works for your skin and do a comprehensive investigation of your skin problems before commencing treatment. Our aesthetic solutions help you create a great first impression by getting your acne under control permanently.  

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