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Does Masturbation Cause Acne?

Jul 31, 2023

Does Masturbation Cause Acne?

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Masturbation and Hormones

What Causes Acne?

Acne Treatment

Home Remedies


The straight answer is masturbation does not cause acne

A lot of myths and misunderstandings surround this topic and the lack of education and scientific reasoning add fuel to this fire. 

So, does masturbation cause acne? Let’s bust some myths in the following article. 

Hormonal changes are one of the major causes behind acne. The surge in androgen hormones along with maturation of our oil  glands at puberty are the commonest triggers of acne in all teens.These hormonal changes cause our skin to increase sebum (oil) production, which triggers the process of acne formation by causing oily skin and clogging of pores.

Since masturbation is known to  create fluctuations in hormone levels, teenagers have linked the two based on rumours and misinformation, creating a taboo mindset.

Let’s learn how masturbation does not cause acne.

Masturbation and Hormones

Although masturbation causes changes in hormone levels, these changes are minimal. The androgen surge usually goes back to normal soon after ejaculation. As the surge is temporary, it doesn’t show any long term health implications.

Puberty and Hormones

Masturbation and Hormones

Puberty is when there is maturation of our adrenal glands leading to surge and secretion of androgens (sex hormones) in our body. These androgens cause a lot of changes in our body. One of the changes is the maturation of oil glands. These mature oil glands now secrete large quantities of sticky oily sebum which may start clogging the skin pores in susceptible people triggering acne 

So,does masturbation cause acne? The answer is NO! 

If masturbation does not cause acne, then what causes acne? 

Acne is a multifactorial skin condition. This means that a lot of internal and external factors play a role in causing your troublesome pimples. The main mechanism involved is clogging of our skin pores with dead cells, dust and bacteria. This prevents the oil from getting out causing black heads and white heads. When this clogged sebum gets infected with the acne causing bacteria it leads to pus filled, red, painful pimples.

Few of the common causes of acne include:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Heavy and greasy creams and cosmetics 
  • Certain medicines 
  • Stress 
  • Certain food habits 
  • Occlusive clothing 
  • Dandruff and sweat 

Thus you can see masturbation causing acne is long down the list of maybe-possible causes. 

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Several acne treatments in Pune and therapies can be done to reduce acne, and choosing the right one may help to prevent further damage to your skin. 

A wide variety of medications can be used for various types of acne, for example, gel, soaps, and lotions. In some cases, suitable OTC’s (over the counter) that contain active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can also help.

Your dermatologist can guide you in proper skin care and acne management according to your skin and acne type. 

Home remedies that you may try:

Though home remedies cannot take the place of clinical treatments while managing acne, they can certainly show some benefits in reducing breakouts and maintaining the skin. Remember not all home remedies are suitable to all, and doing a patch test before going for something new is always advisable. 

Here are some home remedies that you may try- 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar –  Apple cider vinegar is made from unfiltered juice from squeezed apples. It has shown to exhibit potent antibacterial and antifungal action. It contains organic acids such as citric acid, which may help in reducing inflammation.Both of which properties can help reduce acne, when used topically. Moreover, lactic acid is also present in vinegar, which may help in improving the condition of acne scars.
  • Zinc Supplement – Zinc is an essential micronutrient  required for cellular growth, hormonal regulation, and metabolism. Zinc is also important in maintaining skin health and thus can help reduce severity of acne. Meat, shellfish, legumes,whole grains, seeds and nuts are all an excellent source of zinc and including them in your diet can prove beneficial for your skin.   

Home Remedies For Acne

  • Honey and Cinnamon have shown to have good antibacterial action against P.acnes. Honey also increases the hydration of skin, and reduces inflammation. A pack containing  honey and cinnamon bark can thus be tried to reduce acne and its severity. 

However, these remedies can cause skin allergies in sensitive people. Therefore, it’s better to consult a dermatologist for proper acne treatment in Pune.


It is important to do proper research before making any kind of assumptions. Misconceptions and myths lead to wrong conclusions, which can impact a person’s decision-making when it comes to treatment, causing further damage and distress. 

So if you’re a teenager suffering from acne, and wondering does masturbation cause acne, visit our dermatologists at Clear Skin Clinics, Pune, at the earliest to find  out the real triggers and causes for your acne and get the right treatment.

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Dr Dhanraj Chavan

About the Author: Dr Dhanraj Chavan

Dr. Dhanraj Chavan is a globally trained, young, and dynamic dermatologist. He is a Consultant Dermatologist and Varicose Vein Specialist at Clear Skin, VeinMD, and HairMD.

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