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Are acne and diet related

April 21, 2018 | Answered By: Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

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Is there any relation between Diet & Acne?


Thank you for your valuable inquiry. As you have asked about the relationship between diet and acne, many of a patient comes to us having the same question in their mind. Some of them feel, whenever they eat chocolates they get acne, few of them feels consumption of dairy gives acne.


Let me explain you on this. The exact relation between Diet & Acne is still in research. However, evidence has shown that eating the high glycemic diet containing sugar, dairy, chocolates, spicy, oily food flare up acne, so cutting on these with low glycemic & balanced diet helps to get better control of acne lesions.


However, Diet is not the only causes of acne, excess androgen levels play a key role. If you have observed flaring of your acne after eating certain, specific, high glycemic foods. Then its wise decision to avoid them to have better control of acne lesions. 


What are the reasons for Acne


Whether there is any relation between your acne & diet, to understand this you need to monitor your acne & food habits. Watch for the food that triggers your acne. Maintain a daily diary about your food consumption. It will take 12 weeks to understand whether there is any relation between your Diet & acne. We advise you to continue with your regular acne treatment, along with few dietary changes if you find they are triggering your acne.


Researchers are still going on about finding an exact relation between acne & diet. Still, you find any specific relation between your diet & acne, you can avoid those foods. 

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