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What are the causes of pigmentation on the skin

What are the causes of skin pigmentation

What are the causes of skin pigmentation?


Skin pigmentation is caused by various different situations. But, it is easily treatable if found at a nascent stage. Here are the main causes of skin pigmentation:

  1. Irritation Caused by Sunlight:

All of us realize that daylight makes our skin darker. For some, tanning can result in hyperpigmentation. Whenever our skin is exposed to the sun, it creates a burning reaction. This reaction happens when your skin is exposed to the daylight but because of the low levels to the point that it goes completely unnoticed. However, whenever you keep your skin exposed to sunlight for a longer duration, the skin irritation aggravates causing hyperpigmentation.

  1. Skin Damage:

Anything from a slight irritation to a pimple can harm your skin, prompting excessive melanin generation. When you have any sort of skin problem, your body adapts to it by creating a burning response. This response again results in the initiation of the melanocytes in our skin. Aside from a burning response, whenever your skin is harmed, it will not have the capacity to recover the even tone skin color. At this point when the skin colors can’t be recovered, darker shades get produced over the affected skin. Any sort of skin ailment like dermatitis can also be a factor to cause hyperpigmentation.

  1. Hypersensitive Reactions:

Whenever your skin comes across any sort of hypersensitive reaction, your skin may end up having a burning response. Rarely, when you are seriously hypersensitive to something, your body may produce an excessive reaction when you come into contact with the cause of the allergy. Furthermore, this causes the skin to have a burning sensation. There are high chances of your skin responding to such stimuli. These reactions may further end up initiating the melanocytic cells, bringing about hyperpigmentation to the skin.

  1. Pharmaceuticals:

There are many pharmaceuticals, which may demonstrate hyperpigmentation as one of the symptoms. Topical retinoids, anti-infection agents, against seizure drugs, hormone medicine, non-steroidal medications and in addition, chemotherapeutic medications can prompt hyperpigmentation. It is also observed that the prescription may cause hormonal changes in our bodies, which can prompt the creation of the melanocytic cells. When these cells are initiated, there is an excess creation of melanin. Hyperpigmentation can also be a symptom of numerous drugs, which one may be compelled to utilize.

  1. Unexpected Hair Removal:

Facial hair removal may result in hyperpigmentation. Even if this is the case, you don’t need to stress over hyperpigmentation when you need to get hair removal done. Threading or proper shaving does not cause hyperpigmentation. Whenever you expel the hair from the root or open the root to reactive chemicals, odds are that it will cause a provocative reaction. Also, when you tweeze, wax or utilize cosmetic creams, remember to use gentle skin items till your skin recuperates and becomes normal again.

  1. Hormonal Change:

The ascent in estrogen and progesterone levels by and large caused by pregnancy or conception prevention pills can be one of the reasons for hyperpigmentation. The hormonal changes can bring about a lift in melanin generation. This condition, where melanin creation is helped by estrogen or progesterone, is known as melasma. For some, the hyperpigmentation can vanish post-pregnancy, however, it won’t be the situation for others.

  1. Hereditary:

For some people, hyperpigmentation is a condition that is a part of their DNA. In spite of the fact that hyperpigmentation is genetic, it may skip ages. Just in case, when there is somebody in your family, who experiences serious hyperpigmentation, there are odds of you getting it. Also, in case you have a tendency of hereditarily getting hyperpigmentation, then even the smallest cause such as sun presentation, hormonal change or skin harm can cause hyperpigmentation.

Treatments used for skin pigmentation

  • Lasers

Different specialists have begun using lasers for the treatment of skin pigmentation. These lasers particularly treat hyperpigmentation of the affected areas and have no effects on the surrounding skin. There are various types of laser treatments available, depending on your case.

A mild peel can be given in a dermatologist’s office which does not require anesthesia. The treated area may feel warm for around five to 10 minutes, and you may experience some stinging. After the technique is carried out, the dermatologist applies a soothing cream which quiets the skin.

  • Microdermabrasion

Basically, a non-intrusive technique, used for treatment which delicately ends up peeling your skin. This is a more intense version of your beauty regime which results in treating a lot of other problems as well.

If you are still not clear about the cause of your skin pigmentation and need expert guidance on how to treat it, then you must visit Clearskin clinic which is sure to give you the best solution and treatment options to your pigmentation woes!

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26 thoughts on “What are the causes of skin pigmentation”

  1. Hi sir,I have a pigmentation.I think it’s an heridetary sir can you please suggest me which treatment I have to do.

  2. Hello Sir
    This Is Adil From Pakistan
    I Am Working In Dubai I Have pigmentation on my face from 3 Year’s
    So please help me to remove this

  3. Amarsinh Bhapkar

    sir, i have visited dermatologist in mumbai, after laser, peeling and using costly cream and tablet my skin became flawless but after stopping treatment skin became more pigmented before, is there any effective treatment which wil cure pigmentation permanently with low cosmetic cost

  4. Hello sir , i have hyperpigmentation issue from so many years and i m 28 year only i was taken many treatment from variour dr. Bt no effected they all r said that it never remove .. pls tell me there is no chances to remove it i m very frusted from this black spots pls solve my problm..

  5. Helo sir I have acnie since 1 years I show with dormatoligie and they give me tablet for 6 month but not till goes to out what I have to do please

    1. Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

      Hello menuka,
      In case you are not satisfied with your results then its always recommended to meet your doctor again and get yourself checked.there are various reasons for getting acne, like no proper nutrition, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, lack of hydration in the body etc.
      You can do some treatment like lasers, chemical peeling, PRP.
      keep in touch.

  6. Doctor I am 64 year old. I had been to Dr. Bathras hair fall treatment. They for 2 sittings gave me laser treatment for 20 minutes before applied a Serum. Now my face has turned totally dark. What is the cause. Now I have stopped taking treatment. But no solu8. Please let me know what should I do.

  7. Interesting article! Skin pigmentation is a common skin problem. These are the best treatment options to get rid of the problem. Thanks for sharing the informative article.

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