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How to treat skin pigmentation?

Jul 2, 2021

Hello Mam, Thank you for your valuable inquiry. As per your question, you have some pigmentation problem. In order to guide you in a better way, we need to understand your problem in detail. Like, which area on body or face is involved, whether it is bilateral (both sides) or unilateral (one side), have you been to any treatment earlier, history of the problem, are you using sunscreen, do you have a family history of the same type of pigmentation etc.

Pigmentation is a general category.  There are various types of skin pigmentation like

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Treatment required to treat pigmentation depends upon the which type of pigmentation problem you have & which area is involved. Treatment outcome depends upon the type of pigmentation is getting treated. For eg, Limitations in treating melasma, whereas post acne pigmentation can go very effectively with various treatments such as chemical peels, Fractional q switched Nd YAG Laser treatments. Pigmentation can be epidermal or at dermal level. Chemical peels can take care of epidermal pigmentation of the skin, whereas dermal pigmentation may need to take help of laser, oral & topical medications. Multiple sessions are required to get better results.

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Q switch laser for pigmentation

Treatment of pigmentation is individualized. So it’s better to consult a board-certified dermatologist to diagnose your pigmentation problem so, as to know which type of pigmentation do you have. In consultation, they can analyze your skin type, can judge the level of skin pigmentation, can take details history of your problem & any past treatment if any & according to that, can guide best possible solution for your problem. They can also guide you about some oral & topical medications required if any to reduce your pigmentation. You can also come to know about your daily skin care regime in order to get healthy, spotless, youthful skin which you are in a dream for.

Hope we have answered all your queries, Still, if you have more queries, feel free to post your questions in detail manner, will be happy to answer those as early as possible.

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Dr Dhanraj Chavan

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