10 Questions to Ask a Dermatologist Before Acne Treatment

10 Questions to Ask a Dermatologist Before Acne Treatment

Apr 28, 2022

10 Questions to Ask a Dermatologist Before Acne Treatment

A dermatologist would do everything necessary for effective acne treatment; however, it would be best if you asked a few questions to stay informed about the acne treatment plan. Accordingly, here are ten questions to ask your dermatologist about acne.

10 Questions to Ask a Dermatologist about Acne

Wondering how do I prepare for an acne appointment? Here is some information that can help you know what does a dermatologist do at the first visit for acne.

1. What has caused acne?

Acne is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that involves the clogging of the hair follicles under the skin. It causes spots and pimples on the face, back, chest, upper arms, and shoulders. Some types of acne include blackheads, cysts, pustules, nodules, and whiteheads. A few common causes of acne include hormonal changes, side effects of some cosmetics, certain medications, menstruation, lifestyle, family history, and stress.

Causes of Acne

2. Are my existing skincare products fine?

Get your current skincare products along with your first visit to the dermatologist. Let him or her check the products and their contents to determine if any of them have been causing acne or worsening it. Additionally, ask about the products or contents to avoid. Allow the dermatologist to diagnose your case thoroughly to come up with a well-suited treatment plan.

3. Is my acne a result of hormonal imbalance?

As stated earlier, hormonal changes or imbalance is a common cause of acne. Check with your dermatologist if that’s the cause of the zits. The dermatologist will examine the symptoms and check if they are pointing towards PCOD. Accordingly, he or she will prescribe a test and formulate an acne treatment course.

4. Any specific exercise to follow?

Ask your doctor about a particular exercise regime to help your skin regain its original charm. The skin treatment may include exercises or Yoga for stress, jogging or running for weight loss, etc. A good workout helps release endorphins – happy hormone, which is known to reduce stress and inflammation and consequently, improve the skin.

Exercise for acne free face

5. What diet should I follow for acne?

Allow the dermatologist to thoroughly diagnose your case and get a diet plan charted for your acne treatment. The doctor is very likely to ask you to cut down on dairy products and high glycemic food in the case of acne.

6. How many times should I wash my face to treat acne?

While some people wash their face too often, some ignore it, perhaps, doing it only once a day. Neither of them is helpful. One of the keys to treating acne is doing precisely what is necessary. Check with your dermatologist as to how many times you should wash your face for acne.

7. How should I take care of my skin?

While discussing acne, also get some general skin care tips to maintain the overall health of your skin. It may complement your current acne treatment and make your skin healthier. The dermatologist can offer general skin care tips and prescribe the appropriate skin care products that suit your skin type.

8. How can I prevent acne?

Some common tips include staying hydrated, washing your face correctly, limiting makeup, limiting sun exposure, avoiding skin picking, etc. However, also get some specific acne prevention tips.

9. What lifestyle changes do you suggest?

A few simple changes can make a difference and help you treat acne more effectively. The changes can include a healthy diet, exercise, and some dermatologist-prescribed efforts for proper skincare.

10. What should I do if my symptoms worsen further?

You wouldn’t have to ask this, as the doctor would himself tell you what you need to do in situations like these. However, somehow, if this point is missed out, ensure you ask this question to stay prepared.

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