How to Get Rid of Black Dots on the Nose?
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Black Spots on Nose Removal: How to Get Rid of Black Dots on the Nose?

Jun 9, 2023

Black Spots on Nose Removal - How to Get Rid of Black Dots on the Nose

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What Causes Black Spots on the Nose?

How to Remove Black Spots on the Nose?

Call them black spots, black dots, or blackheads; they are frustrating. Usually, they go unnoticed for long. But no sooner than one notices black spots, they want to get rid of them. If you’ve been noticing those nose black dots for quite a while and wondering how to get rid of black dots on the nose, here’s the answer.

What Causes Black Spots on the Nose?

Black spots or blackheads are a common feature of acne. They are tiny black dots on the skin that form on and around the nose. But the black dots on skin elsewhere, like the neck, back, chest, and face as well are a common occurrence.

Blackheads are black or dark grey because the oil ,dirt and dead skin that clog the pore ;get “oxidized” (turn black) when they come into contact with air. Small black dots on the face are usually found in adolescent people. But they can affect those from other age groups as well.

Some common causes of the nose and face black heads include the following.

  • Increased sebum, which is an oil produced by the sebaceous gland
  • Unusual keratin formation
  • Increased level of hormones (androgen)
  • An increased presence of bacteria on the skin that results in acne

How to Remove Black Spots on the Nose?

Black spots are annoying. We receive many patients with blackheads who ask questions like how to remove black dots on my nose, how to remove black spots from the nose at home, how to remove blackheads from the nose naturally, etc. Of course, there isn’t one, but many treatment options for black spots on face treatment. Let’s look at some.

  • Cleanse Your Face Twice Daily

Basic, yet important. Cleansing helps prevent oil and dirt from accumulating in the pores. Every skin is different. So, consult a dermatologist and get proper cleansing lotion and the frequency prescribed for your skin type.

Cleanse Your Face Twice Daily

  • Follow a Proper Skincare Routine

A proper skincare routine for black spots face treatment can include cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and choosing oil- and silicone-free products. In addition, wearing non-comedogenic makeup can also help prevent the clogging of pores.

  • Coconut Oil and Sugar Scrub

This can form a natural scrub and one of the effective black spots in face home remedies. While removing blackheads, it can also ensure that the skin doesn’t get dry. The sugar granules will help get rid of blackheads. On the other hand, the coconut content will help keep the skin soft.

  • Lemon Juice and Cinnamon

Take half a lemon juice and mix it with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Apply it on the face and leave it for about 12-15 minutes. Later on, rinse it. Lemon’s antibacterial properties help remove blackheads, and cinnamon helps enhance blood circulation. The latter helps tighten the skin.

  • Apply Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen while stepping out. It will help keep protect the face from harmful UV rays and prevent large pores from worsening.


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