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Rose Water for your skin: What are the benefits?

May 19, 2021


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Rose Water Benefits

Benefits of Using Rose for Your Skin

How to Use Rose Water on the Skin?

Rose Water Benefits

We all know that roses are associated with beauty, love, and pampering, and they  offer numerous beauty-enhancing benefits.

For centuries, the rose flower has been used to add glow to the skin. Roses have been used in various cosmetics, skincare products, and medicines because of their health and beauty benefits.

Rose essential oil is known for its antibacterial properties which help in curing problems like cuts, burns, and other skin conditions.

Many spas and salons also use rose petals in their therapies that make their customers feel pampered and beautiful. However, you don’t need to dig a hole in your pocket by opting for these expensive rose-inspired products and therapies to enjoy this priceless experience.

In this article, we give you a few rose recipes to cleanse, moisturize, and nourish your skin from inside.

Follow these tips to pamper your skin:

Rose Water:

Rosewater is known for its health as well as beauty benefits. It cleanses and purifies your skin from within, and treats acne. You can add rose water to any of your face packs to get radiant, glowing skin. You can also make fresh homemade rose water easily.

  • Wash one cup of fresh, pesticide-free rose petals in cold water.
  • Remove the excess water. Now add petals in two cups of water and put the pan on low fire.
  • When the petals leave the natural oil and its color, remove it from the gas. Make sure you don’t boil the petals but take out the essence of rose petals.

Rose-Based Winter Cream:

Winter is around the corner and this natural trick deserves a try. For natural rose-based winter cream, you need three spoons of rose water, two spoons of beeswax, three spoons of almond oil, and six drops of rose essential oil. You can choose an essential oil of your choice also.

  • Put the beeswax and almond oil on low flame until this mixes well.
  • Add lukewarm rose water into the mix and beat them to make a paste.
  • Now add 5-6 drops of essential oil. Use this cream daily to get a rosy, radiant glow.


This is the most exotic and magical blend of two natural ingredients that keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. You should choose fresh and pesticide-free rose petals.

  • Wash these with cold water and rinse them off the water.
  • Now add a layer of rose petals in a sterilized jar and cover these petals with honey.
  • Repeat this step thrice and let the mix set in for at least 24 hours. If needed you may repeat the step the next day. Turn the jar upside down regularly because rose petals go up towards the top. Apply this mixture to your skin twice a week.

Benefits of Using Rose for Your Skin:

Rose water for skin

Rose water for skin

When rose petals are distilled with steam, it creates rose water. This solution is fragrant and is sometimes used as a mild perfume, instead of chemical fragrances. Rosewater goes back to the Middle Ages, and it originated in Iran. People love using this water for skin, in their food, and beverages. There are many rose water benefits and uses for your skin, some of them are as follows:

Soothes skin irritation:

This is one of the popular benefits of rose water for your skin because it is filled with potent anti-inflammatory properties. These properties will help treat various skin issues like reactions caused by eczema or rosacea.

Helps with reducing skin redness:

As mentioned before, rose water has been used as a beauty product for many years. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it helps enhance your skin complexion by providing a healthy glow and reduce any redness. The antibacterial properties also help prevent any breakouts.

Treats and prevents infections:

One of the many benefits of rose for skin is that it can prevent and treat infections because of its potent antiseptic properties. Due to this, rose water is usually included in many natural treatments and home remedies.

Filled with antioxidants:

Rosewater for skin is extracted from the flower’s petals, along with rose oil. This solution is filled with powerful antioxidants, which help protect cells from damage and increase cell turnover. Studies have found that rose water antioxidants also have lipid peroxidation, which can contribute to cell protection as well.

Anti-aging properties:

Rose water is found in many beauty products, and older women love using them because it helps prevent the onset of early aging signs like fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. Additionally, it helps hydrate the skin and soothe any irritation caused by skin dryness.

How to Use Rose Water on the Skin?

You can either purchase rose water or make it yourself. You can use it topically or consume it in the form of a rosewater tea. Here are some of the top ways you can use rose water for your skin:

  • Use it as a toner or a cleanser. Rinse your face with rose water, after applying your normal cleanser
  • Use it in your teas, like hibiscus tea infused with rose water
  • You can create a refreshing mist, by pouring the liquid into a spray bottle. It helps hydrate your skin on a hot day and relieves stress.

These are some of the benefits of Rose in your Skin Health. You can write your queries in the comment section & we will try to answer them at the earliest. Also, you can book an appointment with our dermatologist for more detailed advice.

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