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How to Remove Birthmarks from Face?

Jun 11, 2023

How to Remove Birthmarks from Face?

What is a birthmark? A skin abnormality that is present from birth or develops soon after birth is called a birthmark. There are two types of birthmarks, namely, congenital and acquired. Congenital birthmarks are vascular or pigmented. Vascular birthmarks are the result of a malformation of blood vessels and are red in colour. An overgrowth of cells that create pigment, causes pigmented birthmarks and they may be tan/black, brown, or blue in colour. Pigmented birthmarks are brown to black in color and can be present on the face, trunk or foot.

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How to remove birthmarks? Birthmarks are mostly harmless and do not require treatment. Many birthmarks even go away on their own, but some may increase in size as we grow with age, and some may worsen with time if not treated, and affect one’s appearance. Pigmented birthmarks, except for moles are mostly not treated, while vascular birthmark removal is possible with the help of laser surgery. Moles can be treated with a radiofrequency laser.

A birth mark on face is a cause of worry because it directly affects one’s facial beauty, due to which people who have a birthmark on face often seek a suitable treatment for its removal. Treatments to remove birthmarks on face include birthmark removal creams, laser therapy and surgery. How to remove birthmarks from face, would be decided best by a dermatologist, wherein the type of treatment would be based on the type of birthmark.

How to Remove Birthmarks from Face: Treatment Measures?

  • Treatment of a birthmark is based on its type, as to whether it is vascular or pigmented.
  • A vascular birthmark removal cream, on applying topically on the site, works to reduce the visibility and size of the birthmark.
  • Beta-blockers may be prescribed as a treatment for birthmarks on face. They cause the blood vessels to shrink and thus reduce the blood flowing to a certain area, which leads a birthmark to be less visible.
  • Corticosteroids are another medication for birthmark removal. These medicines shrink the blood vessels and reduce the visibility of birthmarks.
  • Medicines to remove birthmarks are effective during the proliferative phase of birthmarks, which means they work till the affected individual’s age is around 1 year.
  • Laser therapy lightens red birthmarks. The heat of the laser causes the blood vessels to shrink in turn causing the blood vessels to get less noticeable. Laser treatment for birthmark removal is most effective during infancy but can be used for children and adults. Laser therapy gives permanent results but the birthmark may not disappear completely.
  • For pigmented birthmarks, laser and surgery is the line of treatment, as it is based on the size and site of the birthmark.
  • Surgery is another effective treatment for birthmark removal. In the surgical procedure, a scalpel is used to remove a birthmark from face. Surgery gives permanent results but may lead to some scarring.
  • Birthmark removal cost in India varies based on the type of treatment and size of the birthmark. The cost of laser therapy for birthmark removal and surgical removal ranges from Rs.60000 to Rs.100000.

For the best advice on birth mark removal treatments and costs, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. He would give you the most correct answers to your questions like ‘what are birthmarks?’, ‘how to remove birthmark?’, ‘what are the best treatments to remove birthmarks from face?’ and ‘how to remove a birthmark without surgery?’, among others. If you are seeking expert advice on removal of birthmarks from face, one of the best places to approach is Clear Skin, a skin clinic in Pune. It has a team of experienced dermatologists who will give you reliable guidance on birthmarks as well as various other skin conditions, and help you achieve a healthy and blemish-free skin.

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