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Tips for Puffy Eyes

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

Feb 8, 2018

Simple & Effective Tips for Puffy Eyes

First, Answer these simple questions,

  • Do you feel old and tired every morning due to your puffy eyes?
  • Do you feel sleepy all day?

Then, You are likely to suffer from swollen eyes or puffy eyes.

No doubt puffy eyes can make it impossible for anyone to feel fresh and alert in the morning, but they can also put you in embarrassing situations. Your eyes can look droopy and swollen due to those irritating bags under them. The puffy eyes are often a signal of excessive stress and fatigue.

Since eyes are the most beautiful feature of any individual, it is essential to give your puffy eyes a lift.

When it comes to treating puffy eyes, you first need to understand the causes of the problem. Often puffy eyes and dark under eye circles are the outcome of fluid retention, allergies, and stress.

In this article, we will provide you with few simple and effective tips to get rid of dark under eye circles.

Try out these quick tricks to enhance the beauty of your eyes: 

  • Hydrate Your Body:

Make sure you drink an adequate amount of water daily. Believe it or not but simply hydrating your body will dramatically decrease puffiness from your eyes.

So next time you feel that your eyes look droopy, drink one or two glasses of water.

  • Refrigerated Tea Bags:

If you want to get rid of swollen eyes within no time, chilled tea bags are the perfect solution for you. Simply dampen two tea bags in chilled water and place them on puffy eyes for at least 30 minutes. Wash off your eyes with cold water.

Tea bags will dramatically reduce the puffiness around your eyes and you will feel more relaxed and fresh.

  • Cold Spoon Therapy:

The under eye dark circles can be reduced with the help of two metal spoons. Simply leave the spoons in the fridge overnight and place them on your eyes the next day to reduce the puffiness.

  • Cucumber Pack:

Cucumber is an excellent and most effective home remedy to treat puffy eyes. Cut a cucumber and place 2 slices of refrigerated cucumber on your eyes for at least 30 minutes.

This will not only refresh your eyes but also your mind and will reduce under eye circles.

  • Massage Eyelids Gently:

Massage your eyelids with Vaseline with gentle hands. This will help in draining out the fluid around your eyes. Apply ice cubes wrapped in a cotton cloth or towel to pacify your eyes.

  • Potato Pack:

Cut a raw potato and rub 2 slices of potato of refrigerated potato on your eyes for at least 20 minutes. This tip will work wonders on puffy eyes.

These are some of the gharelu nuskhe (home remedies) to try out for puffy eyes. It helps to a certain extent, but always. There are some limitations. There is a certain severity limit when you need to see a doctor for under eye circle or puffy eyes as the cause of the condition can be different if it occurs over a long period of time. So, taking good care of eyes is very important.

Still, if you have any question, you can write down in comment section & we will try to revert at earliest. & Also, suscribe to our newsletter for more information that we publish every week. Thank you. Bye.

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