Breast Augmentation (Enlargement) Surgery Cost in Pune
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Breast Augmentation Cost in Pune by Dr. Dhruv Chavan, Plastic Surgeon

Apr 10, 2024

Enhancing the size, shape, and overall appearance of the breasts is the goal of a surgical procedure called breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty.

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This procedure has the potential to greatly enhance self-confidence and enhance body image, providing a solution for women who may feel self-conscious about their breasts being small or asymmetrical.

There are numerous advantages to breast augmentation that extend beyond just improving appearance. It can help restore lost volume after pregnancy or weight loss, resulting in a more balanced body shape.

In this article, written by Dr. Dhruv Chavan, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Pune, we will explore the pricing of breast augmentation in Pune and the various factors that can affect it.

What determines the price of breast augmentation?

The cost of breast augmentation can vary greatly depending on various factors. Here are a few examples:

1. Different types of breast implants

The decision between saline and silicone implants is a significant factor in calculating the total expenses for a breast augmentation surgery.

Saline implants, filled with sterile salt water, are generally more affordable compared to silicone implants that contain a silicone gel.

Many individuals opt for silicone implants due to their ability to provide a more realistic look and feel, although they do tend to be more expensive.

The cost can be influenced by factors such as the type of filling used, as well as the size and shape of the implants. The cost may vary depending on the size and shape of the implants you choose.

For example, larger implants or those with a specialised shape, like teardrop-shaped implants that mimic the natural slope of the breast, may be priced differently.

Ultimately, the choice of type, size, and shape of implants will be influenced by individual preference, body type, and the surgeon’s recommendations, all of which will impact the overall cost of the procedure.

2. Surgical technique (incision location):

The cost of breast augmentation can be influenced by the surgical technique employed, specifically the placement of the incisions. Some typical incision locations are:

Inframammary: incision is frequently used and is made in the fold under the breast. The procedure enables accurate positioning of implants and is discreetly hidden by the breast.

Periareolar: Around the nipple area, a periareolar incision is made. Although it may be less noticeable, it could potentially affect breastfeeding and the sensation in the nipples.

Transaxillary: Created in the armpit, this incision does not leave a scar on the breast, although it may pose challenges for implant placement.

There are several factors that come into play when deciding where to make the incision, such as the patient’s physique, the type of implant, and the preferences of both the patient and surgeon.

Every technique has its advantages and disadvantages, which can impact both the final appearance and the financial aspect. The cost of a surgical procedure can vary depending on the complexity of the technique used. This is because more complex techniques often require additional time and skill from the surgeon.

3. Fees for Hospital or Surgical Facilities

The choice of location for the breast augmentation procedure greatly impacts the total cost. Procedures can be performed in various settings, such as hospitals, surgical centres, or private surgical facilities.

Each of these settings provides varying levels of care and comfort, which are reflected in their pricing.

Choosing a hospital setting for your surgery can offer a greater level of preparedness in case of any unexpected complications, which can make it a safer option for more intricate procedures. However, this can also be the priciest choice.

While surgical centres and private facilities may offer cost-effective options, the level of care and amenities provided can vary.

The selection of the location will be determined by the patient’s health, the intricacy of the procedure, and individual preferences, all of which will impact the overall expense of the breast augmentation.

4. Anesthesia Fees

In most cases, a skilled anaesthetist will be involved in the procedure to ensure your comfort and minimise any discomfort during the surgery.

The fees for anesthesiologists can vary greatly depending on factors such as their level of experience, the length of the surgery, and the type of anaesthesia used, whether it’s general or local with sedation.

For less extensive surgeries, local anaesthesia with sedation may be a suitable option, although general anaesthesia is more commonly used for complex procedures where the patient needs to be completely unconscious.

It’s worth considering that experienced anesthesiologists, although they may come at a higher cost, can greatly improve the safety and comfort of the procedure.

5. Pre-operative Tests and Medications

Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, patients usually need to complete a series of pre-operative tests. These tests help determine if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure and help reduce the chances of complications.

These tests may involve blood work, a mammogram, and potentially cardiovascular examinations, depending on the patient’s medical background and the intricacy of the procedure. The results of these tests are essential for determining the surgical approach and choosing the right anaesthesia.

In addition, patients may be required to acquire specific medications prior to the procedure. These may include antibiotics to minimise the risk of infection and pain relievers to assist with post-operative care. The price of pre-operative tests and medications can vary greatly, depending on the individual requirements of the patient.

Taking all the necessary pre-operative measures is crucial for ensuring the safety and success of the surgery, as well as impacting the total cost of breast augmentation.

6. Garments for Post-operative Care

One important part of the recovery process is the use of specialised garments that provide support and protection for the breasts as they heal.

These garments, commonly known as surgical bras or compression garments, are essential for reducing swelling, providing support to the newly augmented breasts, and minimising the chances of complications.

The price of these garments may vary, depending on the specific type and brand suggested by the surgeon. Patients may need to wear supportive items for several weeks after their surgery. In certain situations, they may even require multiple garments to meet the changing needs of the healing process.

Choosing top-notch post-operative care garments not only helps you achieve the aesthetic results you desire, but also adds an extra level of comfort during your recovery.

7. Pricing and Surgeon’s Expertise

The skill and experience of the surgeon who performs your breast augmentation surgery play a crucial role in both achieving the aesthetic results you desire and determining the cost of the procedure. The fees charged by surgeons can vary significantly depending on their level of expertise, years of experience, and reputation within the cosmetic surgery industry.

Cost Estimates for Breast Augmentation in Pune

Dr. Dhruv Chavan’s breast augmentation surgery in Pune usually falls within the price range of INR 1,30,000 to INR 2,00,000. The variation in cost mainly depends on the type of breast implants chosen and the specific requirements of each patient.

Saline implants, with their fluid-filled composition, provide a more affordable choice and usually have a lower price range. However, silicone implants are known for their gel-like consistency that closely resembles natural breast tissue, making them a pricier option in the cost range.

Patients should keep in mind that the final cost can be influenced by various factors, including the complexity of the surgery, any additional procedures needed, and specific post-operative care requirements.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Chavan ensures that patients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with achieving their desired aesthetic outcome. A detailed breakdown of expenses is provided to give patients a comprehensive view of the investment involved.

Meet Dr Dhruv Chavan

Dr. Dhruv Chavan, a highly regarded plastic surgeon in Pune, is widely recognised for his expertise in the field of plastic surgery, with a special focus on breast augmentation. Dr. Chavan has a remarkable history of performing successful procedures.

He is well-known for his personalised approach, making sure to address each patient’s individual needs and aesthetic aspirations with great attention to detail and compassion. With his extensive knowledge and caring demeanour, he is the preferred choice among women who desire to improve the appearance of their breasts and restore their self-assurance in their physical appearance.

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  • Commitment to the highest standards of medical ethics and patient care is of utmost importance.

At Clear Skin Aesthetic Surgery Centre, we are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your desired aesthetic outcomes with assurance and tranquilly.

Under the guidance of the highly regarded Dr. Dhruv Chavan, our team of specialists is dedicated to offering individualised support, utilising cutting-edge facilities to achieve the best possible results. Take the first step towards enhancing your appearance and boosting your confidence.

Get in touch with us now to book a consultation and find out how we can assist you in achieving a greater sense of confidence and enhancing your natural beauty. Discover the possibilities that lie ahead.

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