Sleep And Beautiful Skin!

Jul 1, 2021

Do you know why almost all skin specialists recommend you getting a sound sleep? It is because the skin has a natural process to treat the damage that your skin might have undergone throughout the day. This is why it is popularly known as beauty sleep. The healing process of skin begins as soon as you go to the bed to get your sleep.

So next time you go out with your friends for a night out, be sure you don’t skip your beauty sleep. Remember when you sleep, you give your skin a chance to heal all damage and flaws. For best results, you may take a warm shower with bubbles, scrub and essential oils because they drop the body temperature and you sleep better.

Here are few things you should know about your skin and beauty sleep

  • Good sleep adds to your natural beauty
  • Proper Rest:

If you wish to have clear and healthy skin, make sure your body, as well as your skin, must get proper rest. If your body doesn’t get proper rest, it will result in stress which further causes acne &pimples.

  • No Breakouts:

Just like your body your skin too needs rest that keep the skin clear, clean and healthy. Lack of sleep causes stress that leads to pimples and acne.

This could be the reason why the majority of students experience acne breakouts during exams or before an important meeting.

  • Wrinkle-free Skin:

A good sleep also helps in fighting signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. The right amount of sleep prevents fine lines and wrinkles from appearing on your skin.

However, you need to make sure that your sleeping position is correct. Wrong sleeping position may result in permanent fine lines.

  • De-stress Eyes:

Beauty sleep is also essential to de-stress your eyes. It makes your eyes look sparkling and beautiful.

When you take your beauty nap, the eyes rest and that prevents under eye circles and puffy eyes. People who have under eye circles should use a good under eye night cream before going to sleep.\

Many of the times, you do whatever necessary to keep your skin glowing and beautiful. You take every possible care. But still, you face skin problems. There are so many reasons from which you can suffer & lose beautiful skin. Don’t worry there is the solution for every skin condition, except, few conditions or situations. You can write down your such queries in our “Ask Question” section (look at the top bar) or write down to us in the comment section. You can also, book an appointment with our top & best dermatologist for detailed consultation and treatment advice. Thank you.



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