16 Common Sunscreen Mistakes to Avoid (Video in Hindi)
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16 Common Sunscreen Mistakes to Avoid

May 30, 2023

This video explains the 16 common mistakes people make while using a sunscreen. When to apply sunscreen, on which skin regions should it be applied, how often should sunscreen be used and which sunscreen should be used according to your skin type, are some factors which are important while selecting and using a sunscreen. Watch this video entirely to know if you are committing any mistakes in using sunscreens, whether you are using it in the correct way and if you have selected the best sunscreen for your skin type.

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Dr Dhanraj Chavan

About the Author: Dr Dhanraj Chavan

Dr. Dhanraj Chavan is a globally trained, young, and dynamic dermatologist. He is a Consultant Dermatologist and Varicose Vein Specialist at Clear Skin, VeinMD, and HairMD.

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