Laser Hair Removal - Risks and Side Effects You Must Know
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Laser Hair Removal – Risks and Side Effects You Must Know

Jul 16, 2023

Laser Hair Removal - Risks and Side Effects You Must Know

Minor Side Effects

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Major Side Effects

How to Eliminate Laser Hair Removal Risks?

Are you tired of constantly battling with unwanted hair growth? Shaving, waxing, and other traditional hair removal methods can be painful and time-consuming, often leaving your skin irritated and prone to ingrown hairs.

But there is good news: laser hair removal is an effective and long-lasting solution to remove unwanted hair. Laser hair removal uses a concentrated laser beam to target hair follicles’ pigment, resulting in hair reduction. Laser hair removal is one of the safest and most effective way to remove unwanted hair. 

However, laser hair removal is a medical procedure; and like any medical procedure, it carries potential risks and side effects. In this blog, we will discuss laser hair removal side effects and how to minimise them.

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Minor Side Effects

Following are a few of the minor laser hair removal risks:

  • Redness and Irritation

Laser hair removal uses heat from the laser to damage the hair follicles. Our body may react to this, leading to redness and discomfort in the treatment regions. The skin might tingle or feel painful and may swell up. But the symptoms are typically temporary and disappear within a few hours of the treatment.

Side effects of laser hair removal -Redness & Irritation

To assist in minimising swelling and discomfort, apply ice packs after the treatment. Contact your dermatologist if your symptoms persist for more than a day.

  • Changes in Skin Colour

Some people may experience small changes in skin colour in the treated area, which can cause darker pigmentation in lighter skin tone people and light pigmentation in dark skin tone people. However, these changes gradually disappear, and the skin resumes its normal appearance.

  • Skin Infection

Because laser therapy may cause damage to the hair follicles and surrounding skin, the affected area of the skin may attract bacteria. As a result, if sufficient care is not followed throughout the healing phase, the laser-treated region may get infected. See your dermatologist immediately if you notice any indications of infection, such as breakouts or pus forming at the treated area, to avoid other laser hair removal risks.

  • Crusting

Some persons may experience skin crusting in the treated region. This is usually a small discomfort, although it can be unpleasant. Crusting occurs when the skin becomes dry, and the laser probe tip is not cool enough to avoid minor burns. In that case, a moisturiser is applied to the afflicted region to prevent this problem.

Side effects of laser hair removal - Crusting

  • Eye Injury

Hair removal is performed with the use of strong lasers. This implies that there is a risk of eye damage, while the laser is shot, especially on the face. It is therefore recommended that the patient undergoing treatment and the dermatologist wear protective eyewear to avoid damage during the operation.

Major Side Effects

These are less common laser hair removal side effects.

  • Burning and Blistering

Burns and blisters are uncommon adverse effects of laser hair removal, which frequently occur when laser hair removal is not performed appropriately, as the equipment used for treatment generates significant heat. As a result, it is critical to mention that this therapy should only be performed under the guidance of a dermatologist.

  • Scarring

Scarring is a rare adverse effect of laser hair removal. Nevertheless, scarring can occur if the laser is used too harshly. If your skin is fragile or sensitive, you should take extra precautions during the treatment. Scars are typically caused by a burn and appear as brown bumpy areas.

How to Eliminate Laser Hair Removal Risks?

While it is generally considered safe, some people may experience side effects. Here are some tips to help eliminate risks or reduce laser hair removal side effects:

How to Eliminate Laser Hair Removal Risks?

  • Choose an experienced dermatologist with expertise in laser hair removal treatment and who knows the latest laser treatment technology. This can reduce the risk of side effects as they will be using the appropriate equipment and settings.
  • Avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment to reduce laser hair removal risks, as this can increase the risk of skin damage and side effects.
  • Avoid picking or scratching the treated area, as this can lead to infection and scarring.
  • Apply a cold compress or ice pack to the treated area to reduce swelling or redness.
  • Avoid using any harsh products on the treated area, such as exfoliants, scrubs, or perfumed products.
  • Follow the aftercare instructions provided by your technician to help reduce the risk of side effects.


Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that offers a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair. However, as with any medical treatment, knowing the potential laser hair removal side effects is important. While most people experience mild and temporary side effects, some may experience more serious complications. Choosing an experienced dermatologist and following proper aftercare instructions can help reduce your risk of experiencing side effects. 

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