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Skin Pigmentation

Can Lichen Planus be cured?

Thank you for your valuable question. As your biopsy reports revealed, you are having Lichen Planus Pigmentosus skin problem. This condition is autoimmune inflammatory skin condition in which dark pigmented spots gets developed mainly on the sun-exposed areas of the...

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How to lighten skin tone?

Skin pigmentation is one of the common problems seen in our consultation daily. There are many options for skin lightening available nowadays. After consultation with your dermatologist and after analyzing your skin type or condition and type of pigmentation, a doctor...

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How to treat skin pigmentation?

Hello Mam, Thank you for your valuable inquiry. As per your question, you have some pigmentation problem. In order to guide you in a better way, we need to understand your problem in detail. Like, which area on body or face is involved, whether it is bilateral (both...

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Skin Pigmentation

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