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Skin Pigmentation

How to make oily skin fair and glowing?

Oily skin is a tendency wherein your oil glands are overactive and therefore produce excess oil. Now, the pollution outside can and our overall unhealthy lifestyle can cause this to increase. Use Facewash to cleanse your face twice a day, especially after you have...

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What are the types of skin pigmentation?

All of us wish to have good and flawless skin, with no single spots on the skin. Skin pigmentation is nothing but called as decoloration of skin. The reason behind pigmentation is not completely known, but it is said to occur due to sun exposure. The other reasons...

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How to get rid of pigmentation around lips?

There could be many reasons for getting hyperpigmented lips like – Poor Lifestyle Habits: – Like Smoking, Tobacco/pan Chewing, Lip Smacking & Biting. Physiological:  Aging -Freckling  Inflammatory Skin Diseases eg. seborrheic dermatitis, and contact dermatitis or...

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Skin Pigmentation

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