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How to get rid of Teenage acne?

Jul 1, 2021

As you hit the puberty, it’s seen that acne is one of the common problems suffered by all girls. Acne problem is suffered by 85% of teenagers. Teenage acne is one of the common problems is not only young girls but also boys also. It is very important you should know how to get rid of teenage acne. We all wanted to have a beautiful and Clear Skin with no marks and spots during teenage. During teenage it really matters a lot to look pretty and confident.

How to get rid of Teenage acne?

What is acne?

As you know it is a well known common problem of all individuals, it is a chronic and inflammable skin condition. In this condition, your pits and pores are filled with oils and dead skins. It is mostly seen on your face, neck, back and shoulders. Acne also causes whiteheads and blackheads and can turn into a pimple.

Let’s talk about a few points about acne and its problems;

  • 13 years to 19 years is the teenage acne period but it can start early years like 11 years also depending on individual skin condition.
  • It is not only seen in young girls but seen in young boys as well.
  • Mostly it’s observed that girls get their acne after or before there periods.
  • There are no scientific reasons why we get acne, few says its due to androgen hormones.
  • Acne can be due to heredity also.

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What are the causes of acne?

Teenage acne treatments

Teenage is a very delicate period of time. During this period it is really tough to manage these kids with studies and treatments. You cannot neglect those phase of time as well. It is such a phase of time, you should have chemical-based products and use a lighter one.

Teenage acne treatments

Let’s talk about some of the dos and don’ts of teenage pimple; If you follow these steps and with a dermatologist help you can get rid of teenage acne problems.

  • Don’t use any over the counter productsmedications or creams without knowing your skin type.
  • Wash your face only twice a day.
  • Don’t pop your pimple.
  • Don’t use expired cosmetics.
  • Keep your body hydrated, it is important. Water is the medium to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Home remedies are good in the beginning to deal with acne but know your skin type.
  • Doing any treatment under a dermatologist concern is always advisable to get desired results.
  • Having a balanced diet is one of the main keys to keeping healthy skin include vegetables, fruits, and vitamin and minerals.
  • Giving an emotional touch to teenagers is one of the best ways to deal with them.
  • Using sunscreen is very important to protect your skin from UV rays, so according to your skin type use it.

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Watch this video to understand how Dr. Dhananjay Chavan explains about teenage acne

Home remedies for acne

You are suffering from acne problems, even you can get hands-on some home remedies. Your kitchen is the best place to solve your acne problem.

Let’s talk about some of the home remedies for pimples:

  • Apple cider vinegar is also one of the best home remedies to solve acne problems at home.
  • On the acne spots, even the application of green tea is also very helpful.
  • Application of aloe vera is also good which makes your skin better and also moisturize your skin as well.
  • Using water and cleaning your face is also good to keep you free from acne.
  • Making small lifestyle changes also helps in controlling your acne.
  • Talking about home remedies, it’s important to know your skin type and then only do any treatments on your skin. All remedies don’t work for you, so don’t be disappointed if it works for your friend and may not work for you.

To know more about acne-related issues, you can call us on +91-7888091118 and we are there to help you out completely. Keep in touch to get more update on acne-related issues.

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