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How to make oily skin fair and glowing?

Jul 2, 2021

Oily skin is a tendency wherein your oil glands are overactive and therefore produce excess oil. Now, the pollution outside can and our overall unhealthy lifestyle can cause this to increase.

  • Use Facewash to cleanse your face twice a day, especially after you have spent time outdoors.
  • Avoid Scrubbing your Face as it leads to irritation and darkening of the skin.
  • Always clean your hands before touching your face and I would say try to not keep touching your face.
  • Use products which are oil-free and non-comedogenic – cleansers, moisturizers and face washes.
  • Also, avoid alcohol-based cleansers.
  • Use a moisturizer daily, even if your skin is oily. Hydration is extremely important for healthy skin, which any good oil-free moisturizer can provide.
  • Always use a good sunscreen before stepping out. A gel-based sunscreen containing zinc oxide and titanium oxide is a good option. You should avoid sunscreen with fragrances and oil-based sunscreens.
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands and fingers. It can often lead to acne.

Why Skin Care is Important

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  • If you follow these skin tips, it can really help you to control your oily skin.
  •  Now coming to the pigmentation on your skin that is, Hyperpigmentation. Dark spots/dark patches/generalized hyperpigmentation is all hyperpigmentation. It is caused due to an increase in the pigment called melanin in the upper layers of the skin.Melanin is normally an important part of the skin and gives our skin its color, but when it is increased, due to many factors both internal and external it leads to patches or spots or hyperpigmentation.Hyperpigmentation is caused mainly due to external factors-
    • Excess exposure to the sun radiation is the most common cause of hyperpigmentation.
    • It can also occur due at the site of a previous injury or due to excess popping or scratching of pimples. Even excess or sudden fluctuations of hormones can lead to dark patches appearing on the skin.

What are the causes of skin pigmentation?

  • Apart from that lifestyle changes are also extremely important.
    • Eating a Proper Diet
    • Getting a good amount of sleep is extremely important.
    • Eat foods containing Vitamin C, that is red and orange fruits.
    • Also leafy vegetable for Beta Carotene.
     Visit your dermatologist for treating pigmentation. Deeper pigmentation levels cannot be simply treated at home and need to get treated with medically proven treatment solutions. Go to your dermatologist so that he can assess your condition and recommend the right line of treatment, be it a combination therapy or the specific treatment.


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