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Jul 1, 2021

Chickenpox is one of the diseases which can occur to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Mostly it is referred to as a very common childhood skin disease.

Today there have been vaccinations introduced to eradicate the same but still, people might contract this disease due to the infection. Most of us contract this disease during our childhood but still, this disease can occur at any stage. But this disease is less painful during the childhood.

Signs & Symptoms

  • The first and foremost signs of chicken pox can be – Mild fever for about 2-3 days, rashes at certain body parts and weakness.
  • Later these rashes develop into small bumps over the skin, small raised red spots initially and then turning into blisters which might pop later.
  • These may start occurring on the scalp and later spread over rest of the body. In very few cases it may happen that the patient might not suffer from rashes and in some cases, the condition might be extreme.

Spreading of Chicken Pox:

  • This disease can be very contagious. That is why children are more likely to contract it.
  • One can easily contract this disease from members of family friends or schoolmates either by using their products, airborne particles or touching the infected areas. One might not be even aware that he or she has already contracted this disease as it takes about 14 to 18 days for the symptoms to show.
  • Once the symptoms occur it takes almost 5 to 7 days for the disease to heal. It may remain contagious till about 5 days or till the sores have formed the crust over them.


  • Bacterial skin infection leading to scarring of the skin. In some extreme cases, chicken pox can affect a child’s central nervous system and cause some severe disorders.
  • These are the disorders of the cerebellar portion of the brain – in this case, the child might suffer from seizures, tremor, dizziness, damaged nerves, burning or inflammation headaches and some similar liver and brain disease.
  • A pregnant lady especially the ones in their third trimester has to take extreme care in case they happen to contract chicken pox because this situation might harm the fatality rate of the baby.
  • Also, ones suffering from a life-threatening disease like cancer, AIDS and so on have to be cautious and careful if in case they contract chicken pox.

In all the above cases and also in the normal case of chicken pox it is always advisable to take medical assistance and advice. After all medical guidance can help you avoid certain facilities.


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