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What is the cost of Chicken pox scar removal?

May 24, 2021
Chicken Pox Scar

What is the cost of Chicken pox scar removal?

Most of us have been infected with chicken pox during our childhood years. It is a painful virus that causes the formation of zits all over the body that might ooze pus and blood. Chicken pox leaves out scars behind that can last up to years. Chicken pox scar treatment is quite common and can be carried out through the applications of oral medicines or surgeries. 

Chicken pox scars can be treated very effectively. Chicken pox scars treatments & results may vary from patient to patient depending upon when you have got chicken pox. The earlier the treatment, the better the results. Chicken pox scars can be of different types and it is important to get guidance from a board-certified dermatologist to know the chicken pox scar removal cost and treatment procedures.

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In this article, we will discuss the types of chicken pox scars, invasive and non-invasive treatment plans and the cost of removing chicken pox scars in detail. 

What are the types of chicken pox scars?

The various types of chicken pox scars include:

  • Rolling or box scars
Box Scar


These scars appear in the form of pits or blemishes on the skin. They are small and spotted, and can be spread out across the entire body.

Pigmented scars

Pigmented scar before and after

These scars are spread across the skin and differ in color. They can mostly be in a faded brown or black, and visibly demarcate a difference in skin texture. 

In the next segment, we look at different types of chicken pox spots removal and treatment options.

How much do chicken pox scar removals cost?

Chicken pox scar removal cost depends upon which kind of treatment you will need. While oral pills and ointments might not cost much, they are not ideal for all patients. Only those with minor scars can use topical treatments to fade scars caused by chicken pox.

In the case of major scars that have pigmented the body, a proper treatment plan needs to be recommended by a board-certified dermatologist. These can cost anywhere between 15k – 50k per scar based on the kind of surgical procedures involved and aftercare. 

Treatment options available

There are various treatment options available for old chicken pox scar removal. Post conducting your preliminary assessment, your dermatologist might suggest the following surgeries to you:

  • Fractional co2 laser

Fractional CO2 Laser, subcision helps to break down the old collagen strands below the scar tissue & helps to form new collagen.

  • Punch excision and  Punch elevation

This process involves removing the damaged skin by replacing it with a new skin graft. This minimizes scars and helps promote cell regeneration.

  • Subcision

In this process, a small needle is inserted into the skin to remove the scar from the underlying tissue. It is a minor out-patient procedure that is followed up by the application of chicken pox scar removal cream to help the skin heal.

According to the experts, the best cream for chicken pox scars is one with active ingredients such as glycolic acid and retinol. 

  • PRP [Platelet rich plasma therapy]

PRP can also be injected simultaneously below the scar in order to get a filling effect & also helps in neocollagenesis. This newly formed collagen gradually helps in the upliftment of the scar.

  • Q switched 1064 Nd Yag Laser

1064 Q switched Nd Yag Lasers are advised to reduce pigmentation inside the scar. This also helps to build the new collagen formation beneath the scar tissue. These are non-invasive treatments & this doesn’t involve any downtime.

It helps to rejuvenate skin & helps to improve superficial scars. It involves a combination of skin-friendly acids including AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acid) to remove dead cells, control sebum production, fade scars and naturally nourish the skin.

It takes around 3 to 6 months to see visible improvement in the depth of the scar. Results may vary from patient to patient. It depends upon the individual patients’ skin collagen modulation capacity.

  • Punch excision

For bigger scars, Surgical intervention is needed in the form of Punch excision followed by invisible stitch that can be done in order to reduce the size of the scar. These are the various procedures which can be combined altogether in order to get the best possible results depending upon the depth of the scars.

To learn more about chicken pox treatment, associated costs and results you can expect, book an appointment with a Clearskin expert today!

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