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Skin Tan Removal Treatment in Pune

Glowing, healthy skin is no longer difficult to achieve. Nowadays, dermatologists can help you reverse the effects of excessive sun exposure with modern skincare procedures. Your unwanted tan, tan lines, itchiness and discoloration can be completely removed to help reveal your even, bright skin underneath. 

Skin types and complexions are different and so is the extent of tanning in each. That is why it makes sense to consult a dermatologist to understand your skin type and seek tan removal treatment recommendations accordingly.

The areas prone to sun tan that need regular de-tanning treatment include:

  • Face
  • Arms & Legs
  • Hands & Feet
  • Back
  • Neck
Skin tan removal

Tanning Removal Methods

Apart from the accumulation of pigmented cells, tanning also causes an increase in the dead skin cell layers. This makes the skin look dull and dry. Besides, it may also result in the formation of sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, tan skin removal is possible with the following tried and tested procedures.

Topical Applications

Use a good tan removal cream or gel that contain retinoids, vitamins C, E, and other antioxidants. These are known to be the best tan removal creams by dermatologists as they increase collagen and lighten spots. Moreover, the alpha and beta hydroxy acids in the acid exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell formation. The best tan removal creams by dermatologists go beyond the upper layer to reach deeper into the skin to contain the production of melanin.

Who should try this?

Topical application creams or gels containing vitamin C help you out best in cases when you suffer from excessive melanin production. These serums reduce melanin synthesis and give you a bright glowing skin. Dermatologists also recommend it to also promote the formation of ceramides throughout your skin.

Chemical Peels

The use of chemical peels enables the removal of the upper dead skin cells. This is a popular tan skin removal process that aids in new skin cell formation by removing the upper tanned skin layers. These de-tanning peels use glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbolic acid (phenol) and are available in different concentration strengths. The choice of chemical peels must be according to the extent to which the skin color is darkened or tanned.

Who should try this?

You should opt for chemical peels treatment only if your skin isn’t too sensitive. It works best in your favor if you’re suffering from wrinkles, discolored skin, and scars. The right chemical peel treatment can eliminate immovable dirt and dry skin out to give you a clean and fresh looking skin tone.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, tan skin removal process that involves manual exfoliation of the top layer of the epidermis. The removal of the tanned epidermal layer gives way to  new, healthy-looking skin.However, this de-tanning method should not be performed if the patient is being administered tretinoin in the past six months, or anti-inflammatory medication in the past week. Suited to any skin type and completely painless, this procedure is deemed to be the best way to remove tanning from the face as it increases new cell formation, reduces scarring and smoothens your facial skin as well.

Who should try this?

One of the best tanning removal options, it can benefit your skin the most especially if you’re trying to maintain the natural facial skin texture by removing the sun damaged parts. The right implementation of this procedure can help remove tan and dead skin cells from your body. 

Laser Therapy

Stubborn tans and pigmentation can be removed using laser therapy. This tan removal treatment by dermatologists uses light to repair and regenerate damaged skin cells. In this procedure, damaged skin is exposed to a low-level red laser, which penetrates the skin up to three inches. This induces the skin to produce fresh and healthy skin cells, thereby improving the skin’s aesthetic appeal. This tan treatment process involves the use of Fractional Q switched 1064 Nd YAG laser for tan skin removal. Skin specialists recommend this sun tanning removal technique to treat pigmentation and advanced skin tan problems.

Who should try this?

Laser therapy can help you out when you are searching for quicker ways to get rid of your tan. The process breaks down your pigment and reduces the tanning, sun spots on your skin using Q-switched laser.

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

Also called photofacial, this anti-tan treatment method uses light to remove pigmented spots and improves the color and texture of the skin. The device coagulates and evacuates the blood vessels present beneath the skin surface and stimulates collagen production from fibroblast cells. A gel is applied to the skin after which an intensely bright light is pulsed through a chilled sapphire gem which is connected to the face. 

Dermatologists state this as one of the best ways to remove tanning from the face as it can correct many skin conditions with minimal downtime. Moreover, it helps to make way for cleaner, smoother, and youthful skin through. Roughly one to five sessions are recommended to see any visible effects on the skin.

Who should try this?

You must opt for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy as it’s an excellent treatment for removing spots from sun damage. You can also use it in case you’re noticing any freckles and moles on your skin or to minimize your signs of aging and remove unwanted hair.

Alternative Methods of Getting Rid of Sun Tan

Many people usually prefer home remedies for less serious cases of sun tanning removal. Although these are ineffective in cases of pigmentation, they may have a slight lightening effect if applied the right way. Home remedies for anti-tan treatment include:

  • Applying a layer of lemon juice mixed with honey to remove sun tan and smoothen skin texture
  • Mixing a spoonful of Bengal gram powder, turmeric powder, some lemon juice, and curd for application on the affected area to get rid of pigmentation and sun tan spots
  • Mixing papaya and honey to lighten the skin and make it supple
  • Applying aloe vera gel on the affected area helps to get rid of dark spots due to sun tanning.

What to expect from treatment? 

The choice of treatment depends on the nature and extent of tan coupled with skin complexion. Topical applications are among the most tan removal treatment methods while the laser technique is preferred most by those with deeper and prolonged sun tan problems.

Results of tan skin removal options differ and can take as long as six months to show visible results.

Why Choose ClearSkin?

Your day out in the sun could turn disastrous with the appearance of dark spots and an unevenly toned complexion. We can help you recover your skin tone through evidence-based treatment methods and are transparent about the expected results to ensure customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in giving patients great care and guidance during the pre and post-op stages, instead of treating it as a one-time session.

We practice the safest, quickest and most effective procedures for treating skin pigmentation and tan removal, ensuring a relatively painless experience. We do not recommend invasive procedures unless absolutely necessary.  

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ClearSkin Results: Before and After

Our procedures have helped thousands of patients feel more confident in their own skin. Here are some of our happy patrons.

Hear from our Doctors

Tan removal tips

Tan removal tips

What are the reasons for skin tanning & how to reduce tanning? Dr. Dhananjay Chavan explains causes of skin tanning & tips to reduce tanning. 

Tan Removal Treatment FAQs

What are the treatments to get rid of pigmentation?

To get your pigmentation issue resolved, you need to consult your dermatologist who can guide you on what treatment option would work the best for you post analyzing your medical condition.That being said, most treatments aim to help you:

  • Stabilize melanocytes (specialized skin cell that produces melanin)
  • Take corrective measures to counter the impact of causing factors
  • Discourage the production of new melanin
  • Removal of excess melanin from the body

As per health experts, relying on a singular option like laser therapy, chemical reel, IPL, etc. isn’t encouraged to combat the pigmentation issue.  Instead, a combination of all the above modalities based on the type and factor responsible (for hyperpigmentation) can help you achieve positive results.

How can I get rid of my skin tan naturally?

Getting rid of skin tan may not be difficult as it seems. You may start with simple home remedies for tanning removal like exfoliation, application of aloe vera gel on the tanned area or use turmeric for anti-tan treatment

You may also skin lightening products that promise both skin lightening and brightening effects. For improved skin complexion, you may also add certain ayurvedic ingredients to your skincare regimen. The effect of these ingredients not only expedites the de-tanning process but also lends a healthy glow to your skin.

How long does it take for one’s skin to return to its original glow post tan removal treatment?

Normally it takes roughly two weeks to return to the original complexion post the sun tanning removal process. Though in some cases, you start to lose the tan almost immediately after treatment, in some instances it may take more time for the tan to disappear and skin to return to its original tone and complexion.

 What other precautions you must take while seeking tan treatment?

Though there are no specifications of do’s and don’ts, it is best to avoid:

  • Going out in the sun during treatment
  • Sunbeds
  • Using tan-accelerating creams
  • Applying too much make-up to cover the tan

Is Skin Tanning Permanent?

This is a common fear among most seeking removal of blotches, spots, and pigmentation due to sun tanning. However, the effect of tan is never permanent as the skin naturally exfoliates with time giving way to new cell formation. Besides, treating the skin regularly with exfoliation methods and applying skin-lightening creams can keep sun tanning problems at bay.


Tanning is a result of UV rays that penetrate the skin. UV rays damage the DNA. Tanning also carries the risk of sun burn. This may even result in skin cancer. READ MORE



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A normal tan generally lasts for six to ten days. Overexposure to the sun can make the tan can last up to two months.


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Jaya More ,Kharadi, Pune

Treatment:Acne Pimples Date: Oct 18, 2019 Sessions: 4

“ Excellent guidance and neat treatment .”

Skin Tan Removal – Q&A

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We are working on the content. For more information contact
Our patient support team on the number given below.
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Very cooperative staff and knowledgeable doctors... at clear skin. Thanks to Dr. Manali ma'am for good guidance and treatment. Would surely recommend anyone looking for treatment of skin/ hair related issues.read more
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Reshma Bhalerao
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ravina patil
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Alka Deshmukh
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Doctors and staff is very helpful and they... suggest proper treatment by analysing root Couse of your problem .highly recommend to every one ..thank u clear skin and hair MD...read more
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Hello everyone....I am having face acne and scar... treatment over clear skin (Pune station) Dr.manali mam consulted me and mam explain everything very clearly and my treatment is done by therapist All are very supportive and handle patient very carefully . Result is very Good!!!Staff are so friendly...Thanks you so much clear skin and hair MD...... 😍recommend to allread more
Kanchan Khaire
Kanchan Khaire
13:20 01 Nov 20
started my treatment a few months ago and can see... effective results. The staff is friendly and helpful which makes you comfortable, also there is a follow up which will keep the treatment on going without intervals. I haven’t had any trouble since I started my treatment hence rating it 5.recommended to all of u...please visit once .......read more
Dattaji Patil
Dattaji Patil
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Good experience... satisfied tratment ...... recommend to all...staff is very helpfulread more
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Raju Francis
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Exllent service... Staff very supportive...i m... so happy and satisfied ..thank u so much clear skin and hair MD.. Recommend to all.......read more
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Timeline for Skin Tan Removal

Tanning is a result of UV rays that penetrate the skin. UV rays damage the DNA. Tanning also carries the risk of sun burn. This may even result in skin cancer. It is ideal to prevent tanning. However, there are several treatment options available to help get rid of the tan.

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Do & Don't for Getting Aging

DO: Consult your dermatologist before trying any product or treatment
DO: Use broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent photodamage.
DO: Maintain a healthy skincare routine.
DO: Drink 2-3 litres of water daily.
DO: Eat a healthy & balanced diet

DON’T: Use sulphate and petroleum jelly based skin care products.
DON’T: Use skincare products that don’t suit your skin type.
DON’T: Leave the house without sun protection.
DON’T: Smoke and drink.
DON’T: Overuse anti-ageing products.

We are working on the content. For more information contact
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Do & Don't for Tattoo Removal

DO: Keep the affected area clean and dry.
DO: Apply antibiotic ointment 2-3 times a day.
DO: Keep it covered for the first 2-3 days.

DON’T: Take hot baths.
DON’T: Expose it to direct sunlight.
DON’T: Use any cosmetics, since they can irritate the skin.
DON’T: Scrub the treated area since it is sensitive.