Sun Tan Removal – How to get rid of hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure?

Jul 2, 2021

Summer is around the corner and sun tan removal is one of the very common problems for everyone. We all get tan due to sunlight exposure and still, we did take care properly. It’s very important to take of your skin throughout the year and not just during any particular season. Anytime sunburn, hyper-pigmentation due to sun-exposure can happen but not just particularly in summer only. Pigmentation is one of the biggest problems which are very commonly seen in everyone.

 Tips to for sun tan removal:

  • Use sun block of broad-spectrum SPF 30, physical cream.
  • Use 3 times a day, if staying inside also.
  • Always apply sunscreen 20 mins before going out.
  • If you going out in the hot sun, come and then apply raw aloe vera gel to get rid of pigmentations sunburn.
  • Apply ice packs on the sunburn area, as that it can reduce the redness immediately and prevent from permanent damage of the skin.

 Home remedies for sun tan removal:

  • Application of lemon juice with equal amount of water mixed can help in reducing it naturally. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent, which can be helpful.
  • Peel raw potato and which helps in removing the marks caused by sunburn. Apply it and leave it for 20 mins.
  • You can even use turmeric paste mixed with lemon, also one of good remedy to remove pigmentations.
  • Everyday use of raw tomato also helps in reducing the sunburn.
  • Application of milk also one of the good remedy to remove sunburn pigmentations.

Home remedies for tan removal

Treatments for sun tan removal:

  • Initially, you can do chemical peeling, which can help you to reduce the patchy pigmentations after doing a consultation with a dermatologist.
  • Laser treatments like CO2 and Q switch are also good to be done for pigmentation removal.
  • Follow regular skin routine every day to prevent the sunburn.
  • Meeting a dermatologist is one of the important points to remember before doing any clinical treatment.

I hope this post will help you to understand about the sun tan removal. You can call us on 7888091118, we will be really happy to guide you more in details. 

here are the general skin care tips by the American Association of Dermatology

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