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How to remove tanning due to swimming?

Jul 2, 2021

Tanning occurs when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Ultraviolet B or UVB radiations are a component of sunlight. This is what makes people tan. It triggers the melanin-producing cells called melanocytes to produce this pigment which gives color to our skin. It penetrates the lower layers of the epidermis where they lie.

Whenever you are exposed to the sun the exposed areas get tanned. This tan usually reduces in a span of a few weeks. It will take you at least a week to get rid of the tan to a significant extent.

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Professional procedures such as such as chemical peels and lasers can be undertaken if your dermatologist assesses your skin and concludes that it is a safe and required procedure for you. These chemical peels include the use of, glycolic acid, kojic acid, yellow peel, Jessner’s peel, salicylic acid, and other similar components. You should expect to peel over the following 2-7 days. With the help of your dermatologist, you can find an appropriate peel that suits your skin.

Tan can also be treated with Lasers which are a more effective and intense procedure. In general, you can also take certain Preventive measures to protect your skin from the sun. For instance:

  • Use broad-spectrum sunscreens before stepping out and reapply every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Use Physical protection with a wide-brimmed hat, scarf, and long sleeve dresses and sunglasses to protect from the sun.
  • Try to go swimming after sunset to avoid tanning.
  • Include a diet rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C by consuming citrus fruits and Vitamin E.
  • Try to avoid repeated rubbing or scrubbing of skin, or steam or home remedies immediately after sun tanning as this may cause irritation and pigmentation to your skin.
  • Try some over the counter creams containing arbutin, kojic acid, and Vitamin C to reduce tan.
  • Drink plenty of water and exercise which will help to keep your skin hydrated and glowing

Home remedies for Tan Removal

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