How to remove black spots?

Jul 2, 2021

Hello Sir,  As per your question, you have a black spot on right shoulder. In order to answer your question in more detail manner, we request you to post your query in more detail. Do you have any family History of the same kind of pigmentation? Have you tried any treatment earlier? What is the duration of the problem ? is it increasing?  Do you also have hair in the affected area? This information is required in order to answer your question in more detail manner.

However, Pigmentation, depending upon its type can be treated with various treatments. It may be kind of nevus if it is since a long time & presently not increasing. Usually, this type of pigmentation is very much deeper into the deep dermis.

Fractional Q switch 1064 Nd YAG laser, Fractional co2 laser can be tried to reduce this type of pigmentation. This is a non-invasive procedure, in which Laser beam effectively targets the Melanin pigment in the skin. This melanin pigment after absorbing laser light gets breaks down into small fragments & gradually gets eliminated through our body immune channels. This helps in the lightening of the pigment on the treated area. Multiple sessions may be required in order to get desired results & treatment can go for 1 or 2 years depending on the individual patients’ response. Treatment outcome may vary from patient to patient. Many patients get satisfactory improvement & few patients may not be satisfied with results if a depth of the lesions is more.

We recommend you to consult a board-certified dermatologist to diagnose your problem & he can guide you for the best treatment which can effectively treat your problem. As a treatment for pigmentation is individualized.

Hope we have answered all your queries, Still, if you have more queries, feel free to post your questions in detail manner, will be happy to answer those as early as possible.



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