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Can moles be removed by laser?

Jul 2, 2021

Yes, we do have laser treatment to treat Mole. To elaborate on a good line of treatment to remove your Mole, let’s have a look at few important points which we need to think before going for Laser Mole removal treatment. Moles occur on our skin when cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. These cells are called as melanocytes which produce a pigment called melanin which gives color to our skin. Moles are the growth of the skin which is usually brown or black. Moles can appear on any parts of the body as a single or in groups or cluster. Moles may be flat or raised. Mostly occurs in early childhood. Moles can be of various types. Few moles are present from birth. Very few numbers of moles increase after the age of 20 to 25, otherwise, no. of moles remains constant.

An expert dermatologist can diagnose exact type of Mole & accordingly, can guide you for best possible treatment. If needed he can advise you to go for biopsy for some uncommon moles. Moles are usually treated for cosmetic reasons. Elevated moles can be treated with radiofrequency & Co2 laser treatments. In this treatment, the excess growth of the mole is cut with electronic desiccation. Some moles have hairs on it. These hairs have to be removed with Radiofrequency followed by complete removal.

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The best part of a laser is that it does not lead to more oozing of blood during the procedure. A conventional co2 laser also effectively treats Moles without causing lateral damage to the epidermis which helps to reduce chances of scarring during the procedure. Certain flat, black moles are removed with Laser treatment called Q switched 1064 Nd Yag laser, which effectively targets melanocytes, mole producing cells. Multiple sessions are required to get best possible results. In order to get the best treatment for your mole, one has to diagnose a type of your mole, area to be treated.

We recommend you to consult a board-certified dermatologist near you, who is fully equipped with all these treatment modalities & can guide you best as per your skin requirement.

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Dr Dhanraj Chavan

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Dr. Dhanraj Chavan is a globally trained, young, and dynamic dermatologist. He is a Consultant Dermatologist and Varicose Vein Specialist at Clear Skin, VeinMD, and HairMD.

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Moles/Nevus, Question|Dr Dhanraj Chavan|
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