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What causes acne during pregnancy?

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

Jul 14, 2018

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of happiness but with a lot of complications as well. While acidity and breathlessness are common symptoms, even acne breakout occurs for some women. The glow is what every woman strives for but sometimes is held back due to the extreme breakout. Here is why acne actually occurs during pregnancy:

  • High level of hormones:

The baby is growing inside you which is a completely different experience for the body. It is very obvious for the hormones to go a little haywire in such times. It is during the first trimester of pregnancy, that acne occurs the most due to the suddenly increased levels of hormones.

  • Skin prone to acne:

If you have a skin which is prone to acne already, and is quite oily then there is an increased chance of you to get acne again during pregnancy

  • Using oil-based makeup: 

Since the body is already producing natural oils, using greasy makeup can get really tricky if you want to avoid acne breakout.

  • Immunological Factors: 

There are plenty of factors such as weak immunity during pregnancy that can make you prone to acne.

But, do not worry, there are plenty of treatments available which are drug-free and completely safe for you to adopt.

  • For mild acne, you can simply use an over the counter creme that suits your skin type. Since it is external- it does not make a difference to any internal growth of the baby. However, you need to ensure that it is safe for pregnancy because some cremes come with a disclaimer.
  • Using aloe vera gel regularly to wash your face will also help in reduction majorly as aloe has cooling properties.
  • If you get major acne, then you need to reconsider the lotions you are using and get ones that are not highly moisture based.
  • If you do not see a difference in the initial phase, then do not give up on your treatment. Give it time, it will be okay.
  • In case of severe acne, you need to consult a dermatologist as well as your gynecologist because that might indicate a high level of hormone secretion as well as a lot of production of oil which will make it very difficult for you to have a normal pregnancy as well.
  • There are some oral as well as topical antibiotics available which your doctor can prescribe and can be used for a stipulated duration of maximum 12 weeks to see the results.

If it is bothering you and not clearing out even after these drug-free treatments, then it is highly advisable to visit an expert like Clearskin where the causes can be diagnosed and the best path of treatment can be adopted in lieu with what your gynecologist suggests!

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