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Xanthelasma is a condition in which lesions fat-rich deposits form on the skin.
Moreover, these lesions get deposited in various parts of the body and are yellowish in colour.


Xanthelasma patches may either stay the same size or grow over time. In fact, the doctor will assess the xanthomas. He will recommend treatment accordingly. READ MORE



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Xanthelasma is not harmful. Moreover, it does not interfere with bodily functions. However, it may seem unpleasant.


Patient Speak 36

Jaya More ,Kharadi, Pune

Treatment:Acne Pimples Date: Oct 18, 2019 Sessions: 4

“ Excellent guidance and neat treatment .”

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We are working on the content. For more information contact
Our patient support team on the number given below.
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Call : +91-7498 906 403

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Avinash More
Avinash More
14:22 11 Jan 20
This is my second visit at hair md..before coming... here i faced a lot of depression because of my hairfall..but after meeting Dr. Vikram ..I am feeling confident now ..he is very polite and has good knowledge of his domain ..read more
Sudiksha Jaiswal
Sudiksha Jaiswal
10:39 11 Jan 20
I have been coming to Clear skin for 4 yrs now,... for routine skin cleanups and hair treatments. I have kind of stopped using any beauty treatments at salons. Expert team of Dr's is very thorough with treatment options and execution. Dr. Chavhan has always been my go to Dr for any sort of skin and hair problems. My skin has never felt better. Clear skin is lifestyle for me now. Highly recommend clear skin.read more
Jaymin Modi
Jaymin Modi
08:11 11 Jan 20
Results were more than satisfactory as off the... second sitting.read more
Raviraj Hase
Raviraj Hase
06:15 04 Jan 20
Had a treatment on Acne and scars. Had a good... treatment. Doctors are nice and very explanatory. Dr. Rose and Dr. Monali are very knowledgeable and give correct treatment.Had a good experience.read more
Shubham Gujar
Shubham Gujar
09:54 19 Dec 19
Satisfied with result,doctor is humble.Strongly... recommended.read more
ratnakar suryawanshi
ratnakar suryawanshi
19:24 18 Dec 19
सद्या मी इलाज घेत आहे. रिझल्ट लागला वर सांगेन.
Jessica Shah
Jessica Shah
10:43 12 Dec 19
A very positive experience. Best dermatologist I... ever met. Thanks to Dr.Rosemary for my healthy skin😁read more
ameya pathak
ameya pathak
11:52 27 Nov 19
Good team of doctors and paramedical staff.I had... nice experience.read more
Amrin Punekar
Amrin Punekar
08:01 24 Nov 19
I am visiting this clinic for skin treatment.... Doctors as well as all staff members are very nice. Excellent follow-up and quick remedies.Clinic is good and hygienic. Treatment cost is bit high but worth it...read more
lia Qazi
lia Qazi
09:24 23 Nov 19
Good experience
Emraan Shaikh
Emraan Shaikh
07:59 21 Nov 19
Hey all please consider this review as my... personal feelings. I got to know about this clinic through google, after reading the reviews i felt its good but once i suggested this to my friend and started getting treatment for my friend we both felt that this is really best in pune. Staff behaviour is too polite and time punctual. Not even a single meet of our continuous opponents disappointed us. We get benifits more than for what we pay. Simply this is best for hair and skin treatment.read more
Chintamani Sadolikar
Chintamani Sadolikar
05:52 21 Nov 19
First of all, I am very grateful to Dr. Chavan ... for bringing me back to life. HairMD is the best of all the hair treatment clinics in Pune. I had a hair transplant in Oct 2015 with 3000+ grafts and the results are remarkable. I am very thankful to them.read more
Pushpa Parmar
Pushpa Parmar
11:12 20 Nov 19
Well the results were very clearly visible and my... skin tone also got brighter than before. I took about 5 checkups after which acne got reduced. I m happy with the results but I wish it would have stopped acne permanently.read more
Abdul Rahim Shaikh
Abdul Rahim Shaikh
08:24 20 Nov 19
I have been taking treatment since 6 month for my... hair loss. Under Dr. Chavan and team have guided us and i am happy with my results. I would recommend this place for hair treatmentread more
Pin Das
Pin Das
08:49 19 Nov 19
Great team of experienced and dedicated... doctors.I was under treatment by Dr. Rose.She explained the whole treatment and was very compassionate and empathetic.The team is very friendly and approachable.I would recommend everyone to visit them.Appreciate all the staff and coworkers.read more
jayshree gaikwad
jayshree gaikwad
11:28 18 Nov 19
৪ সপ্তাহ আগেDoctors are knowledgeable and gives... solutions as per your present scenario. Staffs are helpful and courteous. Definitely in case of any requirement, you should try it at least once.read more
Akash Jagtap
Akash Jagtap
08:38 18 Nov 19
Good service, facilities, ambience.My hair fall... decreased n also my confidence is increasing day by day.. I m very thankful to doctors n staff members of clear skin clinic for such a nice service.. thank u very much.read more
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We are working on the content. For more information contact
Our patient support team on the number given below.
Kindly co-operate with us.

Call : +91-7498 906 403

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Xanthelasma can cause yellowish deposits of fat and cholesterol to collect under the skin. Although these deposits are not harmful, it is better to remove these growths. Moreover, these lesions turn into nodes referred to as xanthoma.

Xanthoma refers to a wider classification of skin growths. In fact, this may appear on other parts of the body. The lesions have sharp edges with yellow growths. They also can darken over time and do not shrink.

Do & Don't for Getting Xanthelasma

DO: Follow a healthy lifestyle
DO: Eat a balanced diet.
DO: Exercise regularly.
DO: Maintain a healthy weight.

DON’T: Eat unhealthy junk food.
DON’T: Avoid smoking.
DON’T: Don't drink alcohol.
DON’T: Be inactive.

Types of Xanthelasma

1. Common xanthelasma:

It is basically a yellowish collection of cholesterol under the skin. In fact, it commonly forms around the eyelids. A xanthoma is a large and nodular lesion that may achieve tumorous proportions and is different from xanthelasma. However, it is usually classified as a subtype of xanthelasma.

2. Xanthoma tuberosum

Tuberous xanthoma causes yellow lesions over the joints.

3. Xanthoma tendinosum

Tendinous xanthoma, often characterised by papules and nodules found in the tendons of the hands, feet, and heels. It is generally associated with a genetic disorder called familial hypercholesterolemia. As a result of familial hypercholesterolemia, the body is unable to remove bad cholesterol from the blood. This leads to an excess of bad cholesterol in the blood.

4. Eruptive xanthoma

Patients see small, yellowish-orange to reddish-brown papules all over the body. In fact, it can often be associated with elevated amounts of triglycerides.

5.Xanthoma diabeticorum

Xanthoma diabeticorum occurs in severely diabetic individuals.

6. Xanthoma planum

Plane xanthoma induces macules and plaques to spread over large areas of the body and diffuse.

7. Palmar xanthoma

In this condition, yellowish to orange plaques develop on the palms and flexural surfaces of the fingers. These flat macules have an elevation. Moreover, they contain a centralized pale area which at times is localized or generalized. They arise in the skin folds, especially in the creases of the palms.

8. Tuberoeruptive xanthoma

Inflamed red papules and nodules that coalesce form. In fact, it is part of the same disease category as eruptive xanthomata.

9. Xanthoma disseminatum

This a rare type associated with diabetes insipidus. Often characterized by several small yellowish or reddish-brown bumps spread evenly on both sides of the face and abdomen. Moreover, they may affect the armpits and groins. The small bumps may join together to form sheets of thickened skin.

10. Xanthoma verrucous or histiocytosis

A phenomenon associated with oral mucosa and skin papillomas.

11. Diffuse plane xanthomatosis

Often associated with an abnormal antibody found in the blood. Generally characterized by flat reddish-yellow plaques. They occur over the face, neck, chest, and in the folds of the skin.

Treatments of Xanthelasma

Xanthelasma is usually harmless. However, but it may be a sign of an underlying issue. It may be an issue with lipid levels and cholesterol. Hence, iIt may also be an early warning of heart disease.

Therefore, xanthelasma requires medical attention. Moreover, if left untreated, it will only spread further. Other than surgical methods, an individual’s lifestyle choices play a major role. Diet is a major gamechanger.

The following changes are necessary :

  • A healthy balanced diet with vegetables, salads, fruits, cereals, and meat. 
  • Minimization of saturated fats (found in meat, butter, other dairy products, coconut oil, palm oil)
  • Reduction of intake of simple and refined sugars (found in soft drinks and confectionaries) 
  • Losing weight  
  • Exercising regularly 
  • Avoid smoking & drinking 

It can also be treated with various treatment options. 

  • Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy treatment, freezes the lesions with liquid nitrogen or another appropriate chemical. The lesions therefore, can either fall of or could be medically removed.

  • Laser surgery with the Fractional CO2. 

  • Surgical removal 

  • Radiofrequency Advanced Electrolysis (RAF):

The RAF treatment uses electrical currents that pass through the lesions, as a result, it burns and disintegrates them. 

  • Chemical peels:

Chemical peeling treatment involves the application of trichloroacetic acid on the skin. These chemicals exfoliate your skin and help remove any impurities.

  • Medication:

There are various medications which help improve liver function and lower cholesterol. As a result, they help to treat xanthelasma. However, these need to be taken with a prescription only. 

  • Electric needle treatment (electrodesiccation):

This treatment uses a hot needle to destroy the cholesterol deposits. They make burns in the skin forming a new layer of skin growths as a result, thereafter removing. 

It’s possible for the xanthelasma to reappear after treatment.

Timeline for Xanthelasma

Xanthelasma, or fat deposits under the skin. It is an indication of excess fat or bad cholesterol in the body. A condition generally associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and smoking.

Xanthelasma patches may either stay the same size or grow over time. However, it is possible to treat them. In fact, the doctor will assess the xanthomas. He will recommend a treatment accordingly. Moreover, the treatment must be often accompanied by changes in lifestyle and eating habits to prevent a recurrence.

We are working on the content. For more information contact
Our patient support team on the number given below.
Kindly co-operate with us.

Call : +91-7498 906 403

Do & Don't for Getting Aging

DO: Consult your dermatologist before trying any product or treatment
DO: Use broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent photodamage.
DO: Maintain a healthy skincare routine.
DO: Drink 2-3 litres of water daily.
DO: Eat a healthy & balanced diet

DON’T: Use sulphate and petroleum jelly based skin care products.
DON’T: Use skincare products that don’t suit your skin type.
DON’T: Leave the house without sun protection.
DON’T: Smoke and drink.
DON’T: Overuse anti-ageing products.

We are working on the content. For more information contact
Our patient support team on the number given below.
Kindly co-operate with us.

Call : +91-7498 906 403

Do & Don't for Getting Acne

DO: Cleanse your face.
DO: Moisturise your skin.
DO: Stay hydrated.
DO: Use sunscreen daily.
DO: Follow a healthy diet.

DON’T: Pop and poke your pimples.
DON’T: Use excessive make-up products.
DON’T: Eat oily foods.
DON’T: Over-exfoliate.
DON’T: Scrub your skin too roughly.