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How to get rid of accident scars on nose?

Jul 1, 2021

As per your question description, accidental scar on your nose after an injury with your nail before 2 weeks ago. To elaborate it in detail, let’s understand first what happens after any kind of injury on the skin. Whenever we get any kind of cuts on our skin, our skin tries to heal it with the help of fibroblast, elastic tissue, collagen which are building blocks of our skin. Immediately after injury, when skin is raw with the wound, our body tries to protect our skin by migrating our epidermal melanin pigment cells upwards which leads to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. At this time, you start noticing darkness on the affected area. This pigmentation usually gets reduced with time.

When skin is healed completely after injury there occurs formation of a fibrous scar which looks different from original skin & has to be treated differently. The intensity of formation of the scar depends upon how deeper was the injury. To improve these kinds of scars various ablative or invasive treatments should be planned which will act on the fibrous tissue beneath the scar & will help information of new collagen.

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These treatments include Fractional Co2 laserErbium glass laser, Microneedle RF, Micro-needling, Platelet-rich plasma(PRP) for deep atrophic scars scar subcision & excision can be tired. To improve pigment changes in a scar, Fractional Q switched Nd Yag laser can be used. Multiple treatment sessions will be required to get best possible results. Results of this treatment may vary from patient to patient depending upon their collagen remodullation capacity.

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Topical creams containing kojic acid can be tried to reduce the pigmentation of a scar, however, only topical creams will not be able to give the best results when compared with ablative laser procedures.

Types of Nose Scars Related to Injury or Accident

Nose scars can be classified into two main types, namely, atrophic and hypertrophic. Atrophic scars are sunken in their appearance and are mostly caused by acne, open pores, or scabs from accidents. Hypertrophic nose scars are raised and bumpy and result from nose piercing or injury. Lack of proper care after nose piercing or an infection or allergic reaction to the nose jewellery can lead to common scars or keloids. Common scars are small, red in colour and they go away on their own. Keloid scars are of the hypertrophic type, and are large and raised in their appearance. How to remove scars from my nose? Here is an overview of some treatments for nose scar removal.

  • A laser is a good way to remove scars from the nose. In this procedure, heat and light are used to remove the upper damaged layer of the skin, thus revealing the younger and firmer skin beneath, and boosting collagen remodeling.  Laser skin resurfacing treatment is effective on all types of atrophic and hypertrophic nose scars.
  • Dermabrasion is another effective treatment for removing nose scars related to accidents or injuries. This procedure is performed at the doctor’s office wherein a brush or wheel is used to remove the upper layer of the skin.
  • Microneedling is also among the best treatments for nose scar removal. In this method, needles are used to prick the skin in order to promote the generation of collagen, which in turn leads to a reduction in the visibility of the scars.
  • Corticosteroid injections can be used to remove thick keloid scars on the nose.
  • Silicone gels or sheets help in flattening the scars.
  • Chemical peels accelerate the skin’s natural healing process and exfoliate the skin.

Thus, you can see that the treatments for various types of nose scars related to injury or accidents range from topical nose mark removal creams to medical procedures like microneedling and dermabrasion. However, remember that the most correct answer to ‘How do I get rid of cut marks on my nose’ can be given only by a dermatologist. So, for the most reliable advice on getting rid of the different types of nose scars caused by injury or accident, consult an expert in the field and get the skin treatment that suits you best.

We request you to consult your nearby dermatologist, who is fully equipped with all these treatment options under one roof.

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