How to Remove Blackness Around Mouth Naturally?
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Melasma Around Mouth: How to Remove Blackness Around Mouth Naturally?

May 23, 2022

Table of Contents

Causes of Melasma Around Mouth 

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Home Remedies for Melasma Around Mouth

Melasma is a skin condition in which brown or greyish brown patches appear on the face. It results from the excessive generation of melanin in the skin, which is called hyperpigmentation, leading to the development of dark patches on the skin. It is also associated with family history, post-pregnancy issues, and excessive exposure to the sun.  When these patches occur specifically on the upper lip, the condition is called melasma mustache. Melasma mostly affects the facial skin, wherein pigmentation is seen around the mouth, on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and on the nose bridge. Here we will look at the home remedies for melasma around the mouth. First, let’s see what causes melasma and then understand how to remove blackness around the mouth naturally.

Causes of Melasma Around Mouth 

  • Dark skin around the mouth can result from hormonal imbalance. The dark patches may go away when hormonal balance is restored.
  • Sun exposure is a common cause of melasma around the mouth. The skin gets damaged due to the harsh UV rays of the sun, leading to dark patches. Lack of protective gear against the sun causes melasma on the skin that is most exposed to sunlight, which is most often the face.
  • Taking contraceptives or hormone replacement therapies can cause melasma around the mouth. When these medicines are discontinued, the darkened areas of the skin return to their original colour.
  • Melasma can occur due to hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy. Melasma that occurs during pregnancy is called ‘mask of pregnancy’ and it may or may not go after this phase.
  • Deficiencies of vitamins B12 and D can lead to melasma.
  • Melasma around the mouth is more common in women than men. People with a darker skin tone are more commonly affected by melasma. Those with a brownish or brown skin tone are more likely to be affected by melasma around the mouth than people with very light or very dark skin tones.

Home Remedies for Melasma Around Mouth

  • A face pack with oatmeal, tomato pulp, and olive oil as ingredients leads to exfoliation and brightening of the skin. Home Remedies for Melasma Around Mouth - face pack
  • An excellent natural remedy for melasma around the mouth is to rub a raw potato on the darkened areas. Potatoes act like a bleaching agent, thus improving the appearance of the skin.
  • Mix gram flour, turmeric powder and yogurt and apply the paste on the dark areas around the mouth. This is one of the best natural remedies for melasma around the mouth
  • A mixture of aloe vera gel and coffee powder works effectively in reducing skin pigmentation. Apply this paste on the affected areas and see the difference.
  • Lemon juice is a highly effective melasma home remedy. Mix it with honey, apply on the face and leave overnight, or apply a mixture of grated cucumber and lemon juice as a face pack. Rubbing a lemon slice on the dark patches of the skin also works well. Home Remedies for Melasma Around Mouth - Lemon Juice
  • Blend raw papaya, add some rose water to it, and apply it as a face mask. The vitamins A and C in papaya serve to lighten the dark patches, thus working as a home remedy for melasma around the mouth.
  • Mix raw rice flour, wheat flour, and gram flour add milk and apply it like a face mask. This mixture works as an excellent home remedy for melasma around the mouth.
  • Applying warm mustard oil on the dark skin area around the mouth is another good remedy for melasma, specifically when the dark patches are a result of a burn or injury to the skin around the mouth
  • Exfoliation works best to reduce the appearance of dark patches around the mouth, as it helps remove the dead skin cells, which lightens the skin;  however, it does not reduce the pigmentation.
  • Using sunscreen on the face and wearing a protective cap or scarf and sunglasses are a must when going outdoors. This prevents the skin from sun damage, thus reducing the possibility of melasma.

You may be able to remove blackness around the mouth naturally, using these home remedies; however, some home remedies can cause irritation to people with sensitive skin. It is always better to consult a dermatologist if you observe any changes to your skin. To get the best treatment for melasma around the mouth and other skin conditions, one of the leading skin clinics in Pune is Clear Skin. Approach their team of expert dermatologists and get the correct diagnosis and treatment for your skin condition. Their reliable advice will help you get rid of pigmentation and attain healthy and glowing skin.

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