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Does Eating Chicken Really Cause Acne?

Jul 31, 2023

Does Chicken Cause Acne?

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Can Chicken Really Cause Acne?

Tips to reduce the breakouts

Acne is a skin condition that appears when the skin pores get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. It may start with only black heads and white heads but some may suffer from red painful pimples as well.  Commonly known as the disease of the teens, acne can be seen on the face, chest, shoulders and back.  Many internal and external factors play a role in causing acne. It can also occur due to certain foods. The habit of consuming foods containing processed carbohydrates, sugar and certain complex proteins etc., can increase the chances of acne. But does chicken cause acne

Can Chicken Really Cause Acne?

Are food habits a real reason for developing acne or pimples? Does chicken cause acne? The answer to these questions, according to the scientific studies done so far, is a ‘no’. But at the same time, multiple patients still claim an increase in their acne lesions after consuming chicken. 

Let’s look into some possible reasons how does chicken cause acne:

Can Chicken Really Cause Acne?

While considering chicken, it is a rich source of complex proteins and amino acids. Leucine is one such amino acid which is known to  trigger the oil glands of the skin. Thus, excess intake can lead to the increased production of oil and sebum from the glands. And as you know increased oil increases the chances of the pores getting blocked along with increased bacteria and dirt causing development of acne.

Apart from the leucine content in chicken, the oils and fats associated with cooking chicken can also be a reason for the rise of acne. When we use too much oil while cooking meat products or chicken, it can raise the glycemic value in the food. Also the process of deep frying can increase the saturated fatty acids and omega 6 in the oil. All of which are known to increase the body’s inflammatory response and thus increase the severity of acne in some sensitive individuals. 

It is often noted that certain broiler chickens are given hormones to increase their muscle and meat. Sometimes intake of such products can cause changes in our hormonal patterns. These changes can  then trigger acne.

Though not common for all, the above stated reason can definitely be the cause of acne and pimples in some individuals who are sensitive to small hormonal changes. And thus they may observe acne breakouts after consuming chicken. 

Tips to reduce the breakouts:

Tips to reduce the breakout

If you are someone who observes a rise of pimples and acne after the consumption of chicken you may consult a dermatologist for acne treatment in Pune and try the following tips.

  • Avoid deep frying your chicken and instead opt for recipes using limited oil.
  • Limit intake of frozen and broiler chicken products.
  • Try other protein sources like fish, paneer, sprouts etc for total protein intake 
  • Follow healthy lifestyle habits – drink lots of water, regular exercise and have balanced diet 

To conclude, Does chicken cause acne? The answer is still no. But habits associated with eating may be the cause for your acne. 

Commonly your genetics, hormonal fluctuations, lifestyle, stress etc are to blame for most acne breakouts. As a result, many times acne also requires proper medical guidance and treatment. 

It is always a good idea to visit a dermatologist to get proper medical advice and guidance to prevent further damage to your skin. Book your consultation with Clear Skin Clinics today!

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