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Blind Pimple Causes – 6 Reasons You Must Know

Apr 28, 2023

Blind Pimple Causes – 6 Reasons You Must Know

Of course, a visible pimple is an annoying sight. But there’s something called a blind pimple, which isn’t seen but can be equally pesky.

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So, what is a blind pimple? It is a pimple that forms under the skin. It may stay under the skin’s surface, resulting in pain and inflammation. Or, it may erupt through the surface to appear like a red bump, whitehead, or blackhead.

Blind pimples often appear on the individual’s upper back, face, and chest. In some cases, a blind pimple could be felt by the finger when rubbed over the skin.

However, what are some of the blind pimple causes? Let’s look at them in this blog that also talks about blind pimple treatment.

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6 Blind Pimple Causes

Blind Pimple Treatment

How Long do Blind Pimples Last?

6 Blind Pimple Causes

Blind pimples develop when your skin’s pores get blocked. Some reasons that get blocked include hair, bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum. When the body builds excessive sebum, or you don’t clean the skin appropriately, oil and skin cells build up under the skin and lead to pus. It gets trapped and cannot make it to the skin’s surface to get out of the body. The result is a pimple that causes pain and inflammation. Some reasons for excess sebum production and blocked pores include the following.

  1. Medications: Corticosteroids can lead to blind pimples or worsen them.
  2. Hormonal Changes: Teenagers suffer from puberty acne breakouts due to hormonal changes. Pimples also develop in women during their menstrual cycle.
  3. Family History: A family history where a person’s parents also had developed blind pimples and acne is another common reason.
  4. Skin Care Products: Using creams and heavy lotions can lead to clogged pores and result in blind pimples.
  5. Makeup: Thick layers of makeup clog pores and block air circulation. Clogged pores leave no place for the sebum to go, thus leading the latter to buildup and result in inflammation, termed blind pimples
  6. Constant Touching: Some people who constantly pick, squeeze, or scratch their pimples develop scars. They do not allow the pimple to heal naturally. These actions usually lead to blind pimples.

Blind Pimple Treatment

How do you get a blind pimple out? Here are some natural blind pimple remedies.

  • Acne Patch: It is a medicated bandage with acne-fighting agents like salicylic acid. It is placed on the blind pimple. But ensure to follow the instructions.
  • Warm Compress: Warm compress can help relieve pain. Apply the warm compress for 10 to 15 minutes three to four times a day. It helps the pimple release the accumulated pus and thus heal.
  • Raw Honey: Honey’s antimicrobial properties help get rid of bacteria. Apply a little amount of honey to the affected area and leave overnight.
  • Thorough Face Wash: Wash your face thoroughly whenever you do it. But remember, don’t wash it unnecessarily multiple times. Use a dermatologist-prescribed cleanser to wash away the dirt.

Some clinical treatment options include chemical peels, laser toning, topical ointments, and intralesional injections.

How Long do Blind Pimples Last?

Usually, you can get rid of blind pimples in a week or two. But in some cases, they may last for a few months resulting in irritation and pain.

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