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Microblading treatment is a semi permanent medical procedure that helps in giving desired shape and illusion of fuller eyebrows in patients with scanty or no eyebrows. It involves using tiny derma needles to create strokes resembling eyebrows. It involves using tiny derma needles to create strokes resembling eyebrows. It deposits pigment in your skin to produce this effect. After this procedure, you must keep your eyebrows dry for at least two weeks and any gym, sauna, or swimming must be avoided during this time.

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Microblading treatment is a unique process that includes implanting pigment into the skin’s superficial layers to resemble eyebrow hair. This treatment is suitable for people who have experienced eyebrow hair loss or have thin scanty eyebrows and want to restore natural eyebrows. Microblading is not like eyebrow tattoos because the former is considered a semi-permanent solution to delicate eyebrows. The results will last one to three years. Many factors affect the longevity of microbladed eyebrows, like age, skin type, skin health, skincare routine, and sun exposure.

The first microblading treatment session will last for two to three hours; this will include shaping and styling the brows. After that, you will have to go back, four to six weeks post-procedure for a touch-up session. The touch-up sessions will only last one to two hours, and the process will involve darkening the hair strokes to maintain the right color.

Microblading Before and After Care

Things to Follow Before Microblading    

  • Getting a tan or sunburn just before microblading treatment should be strictly avoided.
  • For a few days before the microblading procedure, avoid waxing or tinting.
  • If you are taking aspirin, niacin, ibuprofen, vitamin E or fish oil, these should be stopped 48 hours before the procedure.
  • A week before the microblading procedure, it is advisable to stop taking any medicines that affect blood clotting.
  • Chemical peel treatment should be avoided 30 days before the procedure.
  • The use of retinol, anti-aging creams, and acne creams should be stopped a week before the procedure.
  • Alcohol and caffeine consumption should be avoided 24 hours before the microblading procedure.

Things to Follow After Microblading

  • It is good to apply an ointment or medicated cream on the brow region, as advised by your doctor.
  • See that the brow area does not get wet for at least a week after the microblading procedure.
  • This also means you should avoid steam on the brow area. It is not advisable to swim or allow sweating in the brow region so that the area remains dry.
  • Sun tanning or salon tanning should be avoided for at least a week after microblading.
  • Do not wear makeup for a week after microblading treatment.
  • Do not pick at the scabs. Avoid rubbing or scratching the brow region.
  • See that the hair is away from the brow region.
  • Chemical peels are a strict no-no for 30 60days after the procedure.
  • For 4 weeks after the procedure, dermabrasion, facials, and any other chemical treatments should be avoided on the treated area.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

Microblading eyebrow cost is widely depending on city to city and with locations within it. In addition, the type of technique used also drives microblading costs. However, eyebrow microblading costs somewhere around INR 25K-35K. Of course, the procedure surely calls for some investment. But the results are worth the money. You instantly get natural-looking eyebrows after the microblading treatment.

Nevertheless, the choice of the expert dermatologist, their experience, and their results also matter. Clear Skin is known for its effective microblading treatment and results.

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Microblading is a semi-permanent surgical technique that aids in giving patients with sparse or no eyebrows the imagined shape and illusion of larger eyebrows. It involves drawing brow-like strokes with the help of small derma needles. To get this appearance, it stores pigment in your skin. After this surgery, you must avoid going to the gym, the sauna, or swimming for at least two weeks, and you have to keep your eyebrow hair dry. 

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Manjiri Samant

I always wanted to have thick prominent eyebrows. Thank you clearskin for making my brows looking good.

Microblading Eyebrows Before And After



Ashka Desai

Everyone wish to have good shaped natural looking eyebrows. Thank you clearskin for giving me natural looking eyebrows.

Microblading Treatment Before And After



Shilpa Rai

I had very thin line of hairs for my eyebrow. I was wishing to have thick prominent eyebrow line which thankfully clearskin helped me to gain.

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Vaishali Warke

The doctor is very skillful. I had very sparse and light eyebrows and I needed to use eyebrow pencil everytime. Thanks for giving me thick and prominent eyebrow line clearskin

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Ruchika Dongre

The doctor is very skillful, polite and he answered all my questions in detail. Also explained me about the procedure thoroughly.

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- How Long Do Microbladed Brows Last?

Microbladed eyebrows last for about 1.5 to 2.5 years. Follow-up visits for touch-ups are required once or twice every year.

- How Much Does It Cost To Do Microblading?

The eyebrow microblading cost in Pune ranges from INR 18,000 to INR 25,000.

- Is Microblading Permanent Or Temporary?

Microblading cannot be considered permanent as the microbladed eyebrows last for less than 2.5 years. The colour starts fading after 1.5 years and touch-ups are required every year.

- What Happens To Your Real Eyebrows After Microblading?

Initially, the eyebrows may change colour, appear faded and turn flaky. Their final colour will start surfacing in about 30 days after the microblading procedure. In microblading, pigments are injected into the skin layers in the eyebrow region. This cosmetic procedure leads your eyebrows to look thicker and well-defined. The eyebrow hair continue to grow after the procedure, giving the microbladed eyebrows a more natural look.

- Do Eyebrows Grow Back After Microblading?

Microblading neither promotes nor hampers future hair growth in the brow region. With microblading, the sparse-looking eyebrows appear thicker. Natural hair growth continues even after the procedure which is rather good as it gives the microbladed eyebrows, a more natural look.