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Electroporation Treatment For Skin

Electroporation is a non-invasive way of administering solution to tissues below the skin to deep dermis. Electroporation, like the name suggests, basically uses electrical pulses of energy in order to create temporary pores in cell membranes.

As a result, chemicals, drugs, or other solutions can then be introduced into the cells.  Furthermore, the electrical waves that pass through the skin will cause a vibration of the local soft tissues.

In fact, this vibration can cause deep heating in the local area. However, the patient usually feels no heat sensation.  Lastly, electroporation also benefits by increasing the local blood flow. Dermatologists use electroporation to treat conditions such as Melasma.

However, you should not opt for electroporation in certain conditions, for instance:

  • Allergy
  • Photosensitivity
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Pregnancy
  • Dry, irritated skin
  • Warts
  • Any active viral infections on skin


The benefits of Electroporation are:

  • Firstly, it allows skin products to penetrate through the top skin layer in order to reach the deeper dermis level.
  • Secondly, it helps to replenish the body’s natural nutrients.
  • Thirdly, it restores cell activity and promotes the overall health of your skin.
  • Therefore, electroporation helps in achieving healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin.


  • Your doctor will first take your detailed medical history.
  • He will then discuss your expectations from the treatment, as well as its benefits and limitations.
  • Similarly, he will also explain the 20-60-20 rules in melasma.
  • Thereafter, he will take you through the procedure step-by-step and address all your concerns.
  • He will take your consent and the procedure will begin.

How does the Procedure work? 

  • To start with, your doctor will ask you to lie down on the bed.
  • He will then apply a hair belt to the target treatment area.
  • Once you’re comfortable, he will switch on the meso ice machine.
  • After cleaning your face with acetone, he will take the face probe, and hold it in close contact with your skin.
  • He will move it in small circular motions, vertically or horizontally.
  • This allows the drug to penetrate into the deeper layer of skin.
  • Your doctor will continue the treatment all over your face till all drugs get completely absorbed.
  • Each session takes about 20-40 minutes.

Electroporation is a long-term treatment method. Most patients need 6-8 sessions at an interval of 15-20 days for optimum efficacy.


  • You can wash your face 3-4 hours after the procedure or even on the next day.
  • Meanwhile, do not rub your face after treatment.
  • Your doctor may prescribe some medication to facilitate the effects of the treatment.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure to protect your skin.
  • Likewise, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen before going out.
  • Apply moisturiser at least twice a day to hydrate your skin.
  • During this period, wash your face with a mild cleanser.

Dermatologists often use electroporation in combination with other cosmetic treatments such as:

  • Hydrahyaluronic
  • Vitamin C serum
  • Whitening serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Tranexa solution

Electroporation Treatment For Skin


Electroporation is a non-invasive way of administering solution to tissues below the skin to deep dermis. Electroporation, like the name suggests, basically uses electrical pulses of energy in order to create temporary pores in cell membranes. 

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