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Skin Pigmentation

Treatment for dark armpits

It is really frustrating and embarrassing with dark underarms. Ladies with dark armpits don't feel comfortable wearing a sleeveless dress. So, if you are also looking for treatment for dark armpits we at ClearSkin can help you out. Our expert doctors have come with...

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Why is my face darker than my body?

​ Why is my face darker than the body? What should I do? I tried many products but no results yet. I’m getting frustrated day by day seeing my face. I have met so many doctors but still no results. Everybody loves to have glowing skin. We do our best to have a...

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Which is the best treatment for Skin Whitening?

Who doesn’t love having beautiful and fairer skin? Flaunting spotless skin and having beautiful skin is a dream regardless of origin, age and culture. Skin Whitening is one such procedure which can make this dream come true. This treatment will help you improve the...

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Skin Pigmentation