Best Treatment for Melasma on the Face
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Best Treatment for Melasma on the Face

Jan 13, 2023

Best Treatment for Melasma on the Face

An excess accumulation of melanin in the skin leads to the appearance of dark spots or patches or discoloration of the skin. This type of skin hyperpigmentation is known as melasma. Those with a family history of this skin condition are more likely to get it and the other important cause of melasma is the fluctuation in the hormonal levels occurring during pregnancy. 

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Melasma can affect any part of the skin that is exposed to the sun but mainly affects the face. It worsens during the summers which are why sun protection is a crucial part of the treatment for melasma. Most commonly, melasma affects the cheeks, nose, chin, portion above the upper lip, and forehead.

Best Treatment for Melasma

  • Depigmenting creams can help in reducing pigmentation.
  • Chemical peels are effective against melasma under the eyes. Glycolic acid, mandalic acid lactic acid, and other peels could be recommended by doctors.

Chemical Peel

  • Microneedling is a less invasive procedure that leads to a more even skin tone and is thus a good treatment for melasma.
  • In PRP therapy, platelet-rich plasma is injected into the skin affected by melasma. It gives the skin an even tone.

  • Tranexamic acid works well for stubborn melasma on the cheeks and under the eyes.d and it can be given in the form of a l.oral medication or creams.
  • Azelaic and kojic acids are also used in treating melasma as they help in lightening dark skin patches.
  • Melasma treatment with laser gives faster and long-lasting results. The various types of lasers that can be used in melasma under eye treatment include Q-Switch. A Q-Switch laser causes the breaking down of melanin and thus helps in treating melasma.

This was an overview of the best treatments for melasma on the face. However, before taking any melasma treatment, it is essential to consult a dermatologist. Clear Skin is a recognized skin clinic in Pune, where you will get excellent service and the best treatments for melasma as well as several other skin conditions. The experienced dermatologist here will give you reliable advice and the most effective skin treatments to help you restore your skin’s beauty.

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