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Skin Pigmentation: Success Stories at Clearskin

May 19, 2021
Skin pigmentation success stories



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Neeti Chandra from Pune says,

“For years I suffered from having to deal with Skin Pigmentation. I tried home remedies, various over the counter medicines, lotions, as well as tried ayurvedic and organic products. I visited many doctors & clinics and none of them came close to solving the problem. Doctor Dhananjay here is truly amazing and has hands that work magic. I’m so grateful to have found him. He gave me my confidence back that I thought I would never get back. I can now look in the mirror and actually love what I see and not have to deal with dark spots in my face. 

My personal experience implies that if you are worried about skin pigmentation, then it is crucial to understand that medications cannot be prescribed or should be tried on the face without a proper diagnosis of your skin. If you or anyone you know who thinks they have to just live with such skin issues, don’t! Visit the Clear Skin Clinic. You will not get disappointed.

Sekhar Dutta’s Skin Whitening Treatment Journey


I was searching online for remedies to improve skin pigmentation and I eventually found out about Dr Dhananjay Chavan & Clear Skin Clinic, through his YouTube videos. He explained about all skin types and how they all need different types of customized treatment.

I immediately contacted the clinic and booked an appointment. When I met Dr Chavan, he was extremely caring and understanding of my situation and took the time to speak to me in depth.

I have had pigmented skin for 2 years and did not know how to properly take care of my skin which caused other skin problems like scars on my T-region. There were clusters of raised bumps and are noticeable to anyone. I finally had enough of these issues ruining my self-esteem. 

Dr Chavan answered all my questions that I had prepared and even elaborated on the pros and cons of each treatment option I was inquiring about. His assistants were also knowledgeable and answered all my queries. 

The treatment process was quick and efficient. I am currently undergoing my healing process and Dr Chavan has been with me every step of my journey. I believe this was worth my time and expenses to finally have the confidence in my appearance. Thank you so much, Dr Chavan & Clear Skin Clinic.

Madhurima’s Success story of Dark Spots Treatment

I am Madhurima, a 45 year homemaker and mother of 2, which leaves me no time to follow a skin care routine. But for years, I didn’t have  many complaints about my skin condition. It was healthy and fine.

Discoloured skin patches started appearing on my face around 3, 4 years ago. I didn’t bother about them but they kept spreading over time and became darker. I felt ashamed when my friends told me that I have a lot of dark spots and started avoiding going out altogether. 

I visited Clear Skin a few months back. Doctors told me that it is a condition called hyperpigmentation. As the condition was mild, I was suggested to apply Retinol cream in combination with dermaroller treatment. I was very happy with the result I got. 

Nitya’s Journey of Achieving Spotless Skin

I started to have serious pigmentation spots after childbirth. The expensive skin care products that I’ve bought didn’t help. One of my friends even told me to go for treatments as it was really affecting my confidence. 

After visiting Clear Skin Clinic, I’m so happy that my face is cleared of pigmentation. The expert dermatologist of Clear Skin Clinic told me that I have Melasma, which can happen mostly due to hormonal changes. It looks like a butterfly patch on the face, can be seen in both males as well as females.

I have hyperpigmentation like freckles and a combination of melasma & acne scars, hence the doctor suggested to go for hydroquinone melasma treatment. It is considered a gold-standard in the treatment of this skin condition. My skin is softer, smoother and more radiant now. 

For treating your skin condition, feel free to get in touch with one of our best dermatologists in Pune. You can also call on +919584584111 to book an appointment at one of our skin clinics near you.


Dr Dhanraj Chavan

About the Author: Dr Dhanraj Chavan

Dr. Dhanraj Chavan is a globally trained, young, and dynamic dermatologist. He is a Consultant Dermatologist and Varicose Vein Specialist at Clear Skin, VeinMD, and HairMD.

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