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PRP treatments for treating under eye dark circles

PRP Therapy for dark circles

Curing Dark Circles with PRP Therapy

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy includes using your body’s ability to grow and produce to stimulate the collagen and elastin in your skin and hair to rejuvenate itself. This process involves drawing your blood and using a centrifuge machine to isolate the plasma and its abilities to grow and produce. These growth factors are microinjected into your skin or the scalp, basically wherever your cell activity needs a nutrient boost.

This procedure is painless since a gentle topical cream-based anesthetic cream is applied before the process is started, and has low downtime while taking a few sessions depending on your skin and its needs.

What is a mechanism of PRP treatment

When do I need this?

If you have the following conditions, PRP therapy is a good treatment to consider:

  • Under-eye pigmentation or dark circles
  • Under-eye hollows with or without dark pigmentation
  • Under-eye fine lines, wrinkles and poor texture
  • Under-eye wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness
  • Under-eye bags

Facts: PRP Treatment for your periorbital (eye) region

  • This regenerative process increases collagen and elastin production, thereby gradually improving the health of your skin tissue over the period of your treatment. Results are seen 2-3 months after a single session.
  • For dramatic results, 2-3 sessions with a break of 2-3 months in between are recommended.
  • Results vary on an individual basis. General health must be maintained.
  • The microinjection is reabsorbed by your body within 2-3 days. Tissue regeneration begins within days and continues for the next 3-4 months.
  • PRP does not treat under-eye fatty tissue (under-eye bags). These bags need to be surgically removed.

PRP Treatment Options

  • For under-eye and upper eyelid pigmentation: PRP with micro pen and intradermal PRP injection
  • For periorbital pigmentation: Three treatment sessions spaced 6 weeks apart for best results.

The regenerative nature of this treatment requires multiple sessions to be conducted for dramatic results.

Usually, the first treatment involves:

  • An application of topical anesthetic cream followed by the PRP process carried out by a micro pen
  • PRP intradermal and subdermal injections

The second and third treatments include:

  • PRP topical application with a micro pen
  • PRP under-eye injection placement

ClearSkin’s specialists look forward to answering any queries and supporting you through your regenerating process!

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11 thoughts on “PRP Therapy for dark circles”

  1. Thanks for information ,, just one query , can intradermal injections of prp cause some side effects in periorbital area ,,as in case of fillers like blindness.

  2. Dr Vijay Mohan

    Nice blog and useful information for under eye dark circles & hair loss patients. PRP is highly in demand and the ultimate method to get rid of under eye dark circles & hair loss problem.

  3. Thanks for providing details about PRP therapy. The therapy can heal any type of wound. The platelets are enriched cells, therefore these are effective to provide a good hair growth.

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