Microdermabrasion: Benefits, Side Effects, Risks
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Microdermabrasion for Acne Scars: Benefits, Side Effects, and Risks

Jun 30, 2021

Why Should you Opt for Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a special non-surgical technique in which a thorough exfoliation of the skin is done using a rapidly rotating device. It can remove superficial skin lines, wrinkles, and other age spots. In most cases, it is done by non-physician skin professionals. In short, microdermabrasion treatment is a pain-free, non-invasive process of rejuvenating the skin.

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On the other hand, dermabrasion for acne scars is a process that acts on the deeper layers of skin. It is usually performed by professional dermatologists and plastic surgeons. So this is an invasive process that requires the use of local or general anesthesia. Depending on the degree of the procedure, the recovery time for the patient is also longer.

You need to consult a dermatologist for the best microdermabrasion benefits before you opt for any of these treatments.

What is Microdermabrasion?

In this process, a skin specialist sprays or rubs micro-crystals onto the skin with a special wand or roller. This exfoliates the skin and gently removes the top layer. The aim is to make the skin appear younger. The process works on all skin types and colors and leaves the skin looking softer and brighter. The following are the issues addressed by microdermabrasion:

  • Improves skin complexion.
  • Rectifies uneven skin tone and texture.
  • Removes age spots and sun damage.
  • Removes dark spots resulting from acne.
  • Helps in treating melasma, a condition that forms dark spots or patches on the skin.
  • Makes the skin firm and younger-looking.

It is to be noted that using microdermabrasion for stretch marks, deep acne scars, and wrinkles is not preferred. Basically, it is a surface treatment and does not act on the deeper layers of skin.

Microdermabrasion Costs

In India, the procedure can cost anywhere between INR 2,000 and INR 6,000. This is related to the skin condition of the individual and the number of sessions required. The price is also dependent on the facilities provided by the clinic and the experience of the skincare professional.

Microdermabrasion Treatment and Procedure

women undergoing microdermabrasion treatment on face

Standard microdermabrasion for the face can be completed in less than an hour by a skincare expert. A standard skin test is conducted to check whether the skin is ready for the treatment. Items like contact lenses, spectacles, and jewelry need to be removed. Eye protectors are also used to prevent any particles from entering the eyes.

The following steps are included:

  • Firstly, the skin is cleansed by using appropriate cleansers.
  • The special device is placed on the skin to apply the crystals. A suction device is also used to suck up the released dead cells, dirt, and grime.
  • The inert crystals are rolled across the skin surface in a rhythmic movement, and exfoliation takes place.
  • Once the process is complete, a soothing moisturizer and sunscreen are applied.

Once the microdermabrasion treatment is complete, you will be given the necessary instructions to derive the best results. In general, the process has no postoperative issues other than mild redness. Since the skin can remain delicate and sensitive for the next 48 hours, the use of gentle and mild skincare products are recommended. Sunscreen should also be used to prevent any damage from UV rays.

Candidates Eligible for Dermabrasion for Acne Scars

For those looking for a deeper level of skin treatment, dermabrasion for acne scars and wrinkles is suggested. These are the skin conditions that can be rectified by it:

microdermabrasion treatment for wrinkles on face
  • Scars caused by acne, pox marks, surgery, or injuries.
  • Fine wrinkles and age spots on the face.
  • Tattoos.
  • Conditions like rhinophyma that causes swelling and redness of the nose.
  • Potentially precancerous skin patches.

Patients with the following symptoms and conditions should not undergo a dermabrasion treatment:

  • Those who have taken various forms of oral acne medication during the past year.
  • Having a personal or family history of keloids, which causes ridged areas caused by deposition of scar tissue.
  • Have acne or any other pus-filled skin condition.
  • Skin problems related to cold sores.
  • Have skin damage resulting from burns and radiation.

Take Action Now

It is important to consult with a professional before undergoing a procedure. For dermabrasion, you need to discuss your goals and the risks and benefits associated. At the same time, the need for anesthesia is also to be discussed. In the case of microdermabrasion for stretch marks and skin rejuvenation, there is usually less talk about risks as the procedure is much simpler.

After the treatment, you need to get back to the doctor immediately if there are any visible side effects. Some of the possible side effects are mentioned below:

  • The skin color can change from normal to pink or red. This can fade naturally after a few hours. In case you have very sensitive skin, redness can persist longer,
  • Skin dryness or flakiness is also a common side effect of Microderm treatment. This also gets resolved within a few days.
  • The skin can get more sensitive to sun exposure. So it is best not to go out in the sun for a few days and use sunscreen when necessary.
  • The process of vacuuming might cause some bruising on the very soft areas of the face. While skilled technicians can avoid this, some people tend to bruise more easily than others.
  • The process can also trigger the formation of cold sores, especially around the lips.

 Basically, Microderm treatment is a safe and simple procedure. Once you have chosen the right clinic, it is time to say goodbye to your skin woes.

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