Lip Pigmentation Treatment - How much does it cost in India?
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Lip Pigmentation Treatment – How much does it cost in India?

May 14, 2023

Lip Pigmentation Treatment - How much does it cost in India?

Lip pigmentation can be described as the discoloration of lips leading to darkening of the lip skin. It may be accompanied by dry and chapped lips. Sun exposure, cosmetics (certain lipsticks), smoking, certain skin disorders and nutritional deficiencies are among the common causes of discoloration and dryness of lips.

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The natural remedies to lighten dark lips include the use of coconut oil as a lip balm, using retinol which helps prevent pigmentation, the application of olive oil or aloe vera gel, and the use of a sun block. However, lip pigmentation treatment includes the use of a laser to reduce or remove the pigmentation and improve the look of the lip skin. Other lip pigmentation treatment options include OTC creams and chemical peels. Here is an overview of lip pigmentation laser treatment, which would include its procedure, effectiveness and cost.

Lip Pigmentation Treatment Using Laser

Laser toning is effective as a lip pigmentation treatment. The heat energy of the laser works on the melanin deposits in the lip region and helps in reducing pigmentation. Laser treatment sessions are conducted every four weeks and in a few sessions, good results can be seen. Based on the degree of the darkened lip skin, the number of sessions required would vary. Non-ablative lasers are used to reduce pigmentation in the upper lip region.

Is laser treatment for lip pigmentation painful? No, it is not a painful procedure. 

Is laser toning safe? Yes, this lip pigmentation treatment procedure is safe, especially for treating sensitive areas like the upper lip region.

What is the lip pigmentation laser treatment cost? Laser toning can cost around INR 4000 to INR 6000. Based on the degree of darkened lips and the area to be treated, the lip pigmentation laser treatment cost can range from INR 5000 to INR 9000. So, this answers your question ‘How much does laser treatment for dark lips cost in India?’

Can lip pigmentation be removed using laser toning? Yes, significant improvement can be seen within a few sessions of laser treatment for lip pigmentation. Can laser make lips pink? Using laser for lip pigmentation treatment leads to significant improvement in the colour of the lips and their pink colour is substantially restored after using laser therapy for hyperpigmentation of lips.

So, is upper lip pigmentation laser treatment effective? Is laser treatment good for lips? Yes, because laser treatment works well on darkened lips and improves their colour. Hyperpigmentation can be removed using laser therapy, also leading to significant improvement in the skin tone in the lip region.

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