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Itch as we generally associate with scratching is a kind of irritation in the skin. In medical terminology, itching is also known as Pruritus. The problem might get worse at night.

Causes of itching can be many such as: 

  1. Dry Skin
  2. Dampness due to sweat or wetness
  3. Exposure to sun
  4. Chronic diseases
  5. Infections
  6. Bites or Stings
  7. Infestations

Itching a skin problem can be of two types!

  1. Localised: Itching that is limited to one area of the body.
  2. Generalised: Itching that occurs over various parts of the body or then all over the body. This kind of itching can be tough to deal with than the localized one.

Many a times itching can occur with skin lesions like bumps, blisters, rashes or any other kind of abnormalities on the skin.  If this is the case then it is very necessary that you go for medical assistance at once. Medical assistance especially a dermatologist will be advisable as there are chances that you might be suffering from diseases like eczema or scabies which may require a proper medical treatment.

Expert’s advice in case of itching is to avoid scratching as much as possible. Constant scratching may worsen the condition of the skin leading to bacterial infection.

 Treatments for itching:

Treatment for itching depends on the type you are suffering from. If it is without any kind of lesions then there are certain anti-itch creams and lotions that can relieve you of the problem. Whereas if itching is with some skin lesions then consult your dermatologist at once, you sure are to get rid of the problem with their medical assistance.

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