Treating Ice pick scars: Explore Different Treatment Options
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Ice Pick Scars: How to Treat them?

Jun 30, 2021


ice pick scars and ways to treat them

What is an ice pick scar?

A type of acne star, ice pick acne scars are one of the most severe scars. Due to its depth and narrow impressions, the scars have outgrown in their severity, making it difficult to be treated at home. Ice pick scars result from severe acne, such as papules and cysts taking its place deep in your skin holes.

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Similar to any other type of deep acne scars, these are a result of an outbreak caused. The acne scars are strophic and hence are comparatively flat and thin. Being narrower than atrophic acne scars, these are a lot deeper. As mentioned above, the scars’ nature makes it challenging to be treated at home, which emerges the need to seek ice pick scar treatment options. 

The various ice pick scar treatment options that are available:

These are scar types that will not improve with topical creams, irrespective of whether prescribed or over the counter. The acne scars can be quite tricky to treat; however, it’s possible when treated with patience. Here is a list of the best ice pick scar treatment options available. 

Punch excision – 

Punch excision refers to a technique that removes the top few skin layers while covering the pick scar. This is done with the help of a punch tool similar to the size of a scar. These make use of a local anesthetic that numbs your skin. On removing the skin, the dermatologist uses stitches and closes the wound. The method leaves a thin scar; however, it is a lot less noticeable than the original scar. 

Punch grafting – 

Vouched as the best deep acne scars treatment, it makes most of the scar and replaces it with a skin graft. Dermatologists recommend getting rid of deep scars, and the procedure involves removing skin from the scar. It furthermore replaces it with the help of a skin graft.

The method guarantees to fill in the scars, and you might even need multiple grafts to correct one scar. The dermatologist takes the skin from the body of another person and makes the necessary adjustments. At times, this resulting area is a lot more elevated as compared to the surrounding skin area. 


women undergoing laser resurfacing treatment


Laser resurfacing – 

Traditionally perceived as an anti-ageing procedure, the method uses a laser to fill in the fine lines and wrinkles. It can additionally be helpful to treat acne scars. The process involves the use of high-frequency laser lights that effectively target the ice pick scar.

By making use of both ablative and non-ablative lasers, the method resurfaces the promotion of collagen production. The production is typically ideal for both wrinkles and removing deep scars on face. The ablative treatments strive to remove your skin layers; however, they are prone to cause scarring again.

Although it poses the probability of several side effects, it might be the most preferred option for individuals looking to acquire a long term result. If you do not wish to visit the dermatologist every week, this might be the best option to opt for. Moreover, you might even be able to view the results immediately!

Microneedling – 

Microneedling develops narrow, small, and superficial machine areas, which works to stimulate the repair response. It effectively increases collagen production while improving the appearance of scars. When the process is combined with radio-frequency, the process gets a lot more aggressive; here, energy is released deeper in the skin, further triggering collagen and inflammatory response.

microneedling treatment on the forehead


In other words, this is a process where fine needles puncture the topmost layer of your skin, creating varied microscopic holes in the skin. This encourages peeling of the mid-dermis and epidermis, further responsible for triggering elastin and collagen production. The results can be seen only within a period of 6 to 12 weeks since treatment.

Having emerged as a popular deep acne scar treatment, it is a lot affordable compared to others. With fewer side effects, it is one of the most trusted methods to go for.

Chemical peels – 

This treatment can expose healthy and fresh tissue, further stimulating the production of new collagen. This makes pitted scars look a lot less pronounced. The peels are, although gentle on your skin, however, is extremely tough on the scars. When it is performed well, it can efficiently promote deep exfoliation, painless. 

However, remember to consult the right dermatologist before going forward with any treatment, as mentioned above.

Ayurvedic treatment for deep acne scars:

Ayurveda, the holistic treatment, looks at the entire problem a lot holistically and offers necessary ice pick scars home remedies

Amla juice – 

The Indian gooseberry or amla is a prized possession to the skin moving on from ice for acne scars. The fresh vitamin C content is a natural antioxidant and can protect you from free radicals’ harmful effects while preventing acne formation. 

Aloe vera – The potent ayurvedic treatment for deep acne scars is for all skin problems and acne scars. The magical formula is ideal for application and treats dull and dry skin, acne marks, and black spots. 

Cucumber – 

The anti-inflammatory property treats any skin problems while soothing the skin to minimize the scars.

OTC treatments for ice pick scars:

Although OTC treatments are not that powerful in treating acne scars, you can treat them with the help of bleaching agents such as hydroquinone. It can effectively reduce redness and brown spots. You can use a few topical treatments such as Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, Scar Away Silicone Scar Sheets, Derma E Scar Gel, Rosehip Seed oil and a few more.

topical treatment for ice pick scars


Hence, they can be working for you and cannot work, depending on your skin’s skin type and concern. Although the products cannot fix the narrow, deep scar, it can help maintain a skin regimen. However, do not forget to consult a dermatologist before starting any treatment to avoid any adverse reactions. 

Take Action Now: 

Hence, it is the most viable choice to seek an experienced doctor’s consultation whenever you notice any alarming signs of skin damage. Therefore, if you or anybody you know has been suffering from the condition, you need to take action now and avail the best ice pick scar treatment at home!

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