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Clear beautiful complexion

The coveted clear and beautiful complexion

“Aapki sunehri twacha ka raaz kya hai” is a very famous line from an advert. And most women very desperately want to ask people this when they see a woman with a clear spotless skin that shines. 

Skin happens to be the largest organ in humans! Can you beat that? And the one that gets into trouble the most.

Although physical beauty is a subjective term, the society has conditioned us such that all of want to look good. And who does not want a clear, blemish-free skin! 

So, everyone tries to preserve the beauty that nature has endowed them with, but then there are people who have skin ailments or just a bad skin, which causes them a lot of misery.

There are different kinds of skin ailments like acne and pimples; moles, warts and other skin growths; vitiligo; pigmentation; and other skin problems. And many people develop one or many of these problems and go on to try all sorts of home remedies, random powders, leaves, juices and what not to treat these problems on their own.

However, the smarter thing to do would be to consult a skin-care specialist and undergo the right kind of treatment that will help you get rid of your skin ailments for good. “People like Dr Dhanajay Chavan, Consultant Dermatologist happen to be one of the noted dermatologists in our country with a rich experience of working in multiple countries and learning the nuances of all the new technological advancements in skin care.

Working in close relations with Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr Chavan of Clear Skin fame is known to complete his degree in medicine from B.J Medical College, Pune. His intellect and insight have honoured him with the experience of being a guest speaker and an associate member of medical groups and societies in multitude.

“And the number of people that Dr. Chavan and his team has successfully treated to get rid of their skin ailments is just phenomenal. So choose your battles wisely. Would you rather apply cucumber juice, tomato puree and random leaves on your face or would you seek legit guidance and treatment for your skin ailments?

After all, a glowing clear skin is a sign of good health and happiness within.

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