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Acne Pits: How to Heal Pitted Skin?

Jun 30, 2021


acne pits and its treatment methods

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What Causes Pitted Skin on the Face?

Acne Pits Treatment

Which Is The Best Treatment For Your Skin Type?

Looking in the mirror and finding pitted skin on your face is depressing. The deep scars in the skin that often appear after an adverse acne breakout can affect your skin’s health and hamper your confidence. They look like a crater or concave and are also called pockmarks. 

Pitted skin isn’t easily ignored, and any form of makeup is useless to cover it. The deep crater-like concaves are a result of heavy tissue losses. Even mild acne inflammation can deeply damage collagen beneath the skin surface.


acne pits on face

What Causes Pitted Skin on the Face?

Before knowing how to cure pits on the face, let’s see what causes pitted skin on the face. First, let’s know what pits are on the face, though. Deep pitted scars are also termed atrophic scars. Now, what causes pitted acne scars? Well, they are a result of severe acne. The scars usually appear due to the loss of tissue during the cell regeneration process that leaves pitted appearance skin. The skin thus looks sunken and depressed, featuring holes.

Acne Pits Treatment

Typically, in the scenarios of the scar being permanent, replacing the lost tissue with natural fat or fillers to plump the skin back to its original form is done. Performing surgical excision of the area is another preferred mode of treatment. Let us check out some of the effective measures against pitted skin.

  • Micro-needling 

Micro-needling is the process of stimulating the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely. In short, it is a timely process that involves needling your skin to benefit your long run. After a micro-needling session, the skin gets naturally repaired by the body. New collagen forms along with the generation of new skin cells. The blood supply in the area of needling is enhanced after the session. It can take up to six weeks before you can notice any visible signs of regeneration and repair.


women undergoing mesotherapy


The process works gradually over the following months. An effective topical anesthetic cream is applied before the treatment to reduce any discomfort during the procedure. One session alone will not be enough to counter the damages, and the basic recommendation is to have four sessions at the very minimum to form newer and better skin.

  • Chemical peeling

Most people with pitted skin choose to undergo chemical peeling to reduce scarring. During the process, the face is covered with a layer of acid. There are instances of enzymes being employed for producing similar results.


application of chemical peel on the forehead


Chemical peels have the potential to mini mise the appearance of acne pits rather than eliminating them. The process tends to work best for flattened pitted scars. The process works by removing the outer layers of skin, thereby causing new tissues to form. There is a possibility of the skin being red or irritated after the peel. Shedding of the skin can also happen. This method’s effectiveness is positioned on doing it at regular intervals. The result is an even skin and a noticeable reduction in the pits on the face.

  • Dermabrasion

A small, rotating wire brush is passed over the pitted acne scars to scrape away the epidermis and dermis (middle layer of the skin). The results achieved by dermabrasions are similar to that of chemical peeling, but chemicals are not used in a dermabrasion treatment.

Dermabrasion or scraping is performed under local or general anesthesia. The size of the pitted acne scars also determines the treatment. Once the session is concluded, the skin is left to heal.

Dermabrasion can help to make the skin look more even and reduce the signs of pitted scars. However, as much as it can benefit your skin, dermabrasion has an increased risk of creating new pitted skin or enlarged pores. That is mainly because of the removal of the deeper layers of the dermis. Perils of further skin infections are also a possible setback of this process.

  • Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a resurfacing treatment that involves removing the epidermis. It is mainly known as a sister treatment of dermabrasion. Microdermabrasion consists of abrasive ingredients to remove skin cells. This treatment functions similar to chemical peeling but without the usage of chemicals.


men undergoing microdermabrasion treatment

There are home-care kits available for the process, but it is better safe than sorry. Hence a session with a skin-care specialist is the best option. One advantage microdermabrasion has over dermabrasion is that there are fewer side effects. At the same time, just like the dermabrasion process, it works better when administered regularly.

Better results can be obtained for smaller pits on the face.

  • Dermal fillers

For depressed acne scars, another effective treatment is the use of dermal fillers. Skin fillers such as collagen or fat-based substances are injected into the pitted parts of your skin. Once it is injected, it elevates the base of the pitted scars to make them even with the skin’s surface.


applying of dermal filler on a men’s face

Although the pitted scars do not completely disappear, they are rather plumped up, improving your skin’s overall appearance. Some common chemicals used as dermal fillers include human and bovine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and fats extracted and transferred from the patient’s body.

Your dermatologist will help you decide which filler will be most appropriate for you. All uses of dermal fillers serve as a temporary resolve for your pitted acne troubles.

  • Facial massages

These are some of the most sought-after treatments for pitted scars. Getting facial massages from time to time can reduce inflammation and improve skin circulation. Facial massages also help to remove toxins and improve the overall skin texture and tone. They will not get rid of the pitted skin but can complement other treatments.

Which Is The Best Treatment For Your Skin Type?

Deciding which among these treatments is the best for you is something that your skincare specialist can do. Various treatment benefits are modelled on the current state of your skin. Also, acne on the pitted skin needs to be examined by a specialist before doing any treatment.

All of the above-mentioned treatments and solutions to pitted skin. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks depending on the texture of each person’s skin. There is an excellent chance of a treatment working out for you and others not. Hence consulting your skin specialist should be the first thing to do. They can determine the skin condition and the required treatment necessary for the Clear Skin that you desire.

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